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The future of our planet

Many people say that the future is uncertain, but scientifically we can predict what the world will be like in a few years, it is not very risky to venture into saying that the planet is changing at a great speed and most of these changes will bring us environmental disasters of dimensions never seen to date. Below we will explain what the future of our planet can be like unless we take urgent measures to cover it.

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What the earth will be like in 100 years

Experts have long warned that the climate is increasingly unstable :

  • Temperatures are rising.
  • The glacial poles are melting.
  • Millions of animal species are disappearing.
  • Natural resources are being depleted due to uncontrolled human consumption.

Are they not enough reasons to act?

In the BBC documentary entitled “Future Earth” he analyzes all these climatic situations and we can see very realistic reproductions of how rising sea levels can flood entire cities , how gravitational changes can generate hurricane-force winds destroying everything in its path or how the increase in solar luminosity can affect the chemicals with which we are in contact.

This is the world that awaits us. Are we in time to avoid it? The climate crisis is about to arrive and is predicted to create more poverty and social instability than the current economic crisis. We are prepared? I’m afraid not.

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