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Global warming: explanation for children

Global warming is one of the most important problems that we face in this century and, without a doubt, it is also one of the issues that can have the most presence in the media and in some publications. In fact, explaining what global warming is to the little ones can be somewhat complicated, since it requires certain prior knowledge that allows them to understand, in a real way, what it is and what effects it has. If you want to know how to tell what global warming is with an explanation for children , keep reading AgroCorrn and we will tell you the best way to help them understand it.

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  1. How to explain to a child what global warming is
  2. How to explain to children why global warming happens
  3. What is the greenhouse effect: a simple explanation for children

How to explain to a child what global warming is

The first thing to keep in mind is that it will be easier to explain the consequences than the causes. In this way, the easiest thing for the little ones to really understand what global warming is, will be to start with the effects of global warming rather than its causes, although it does not seem the most logical a priori.

In this sense, it will be important to explain to children that global warming is a process in which the temperature of the planet rises and is getting hotter. This entails many problems, since, as the planet is warmer, ecosystems are affected and unbalanced. In fact, a good example that children can easily understand is the melting of the poles . As it gets warmer, the ice in the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica thaw, which, among several effects, causes sea level rise. This means that, if it is not stopped, in a few decades, it is possible that many of the coastal cities that the children themselves know could flood. Check here theCities that will disappear under the waters due to the global thaw .

This example, although not a representation of all the problems associated with global warming, does allow children to understand that it is a problem that affects everyone, which can be a good starting point to understand it.

Another simple example is that as the poles melt, animals that live there such as the polar bear are becoming homeless, without habitat, and are in danger of extinction.

How to explain to children why global warming happens

Naturally, once children know and understand what global warming is , the next question will be what causes it. At this point, it is important to take into account the age and knowledge of the children in question, since explain to them that there are certain gases that capture the Sun’s heat more strongly than others, which is called the greenhouse effect , and that this It entails, gradually but constantly, the increase in global temperature , it can be a bit complicated. However, if the explanation is adapted to the children’s knowledge, it is very likely that the explanation can be satisfactory.

The best thing to do is to start by explaining that there are different gases in the air, and that each type of gas has certain properties. Thus, there are “good” gases , such as oxygen, which help the planet cool down faster, and “bad” gases , such as carbon dioxide, which make the planet warm faster. At this point in the explanation, it is important for children to understand that, if we reduce the CO2 present in the atmosphere, global warming would be reversed, or at least stopped in the beginning. This element is important in the explanation, since it is the one that will allow children to understand that the acceleration of global warming is a consequence of our actionsand that, by carrying out other actions, the opposite effect can be achieved.

What is the greenhouse effect: a simple explanation for children

Explaining to children what global warming is without mentioning the greenhouse effect is quite complicated or, at least, it would be a skewed explanation. Once the children have understood what the effects of global warming are, as well as the presence of different gases with different properties in the atmosphere, and that these gases affect global warming in one way or another, they may be in a position to explain to children what is the greenhouse effect .

To explain what the greenhouse effect is, it will be best to start from the idea that it is a problem that is in between the actions of humans and global warming. To do this, the easiest thing will be to tell them that the greenhouse effect is what occurs when the Sun’s heat cannot escape from the planet’s air because the amount of “bad gases” is very high, which causes it to be produced. and accelerate global warming. Also, a good example that can help you understand the greenhouse effect is simply visiting a greenhouse.really. In this way, children will be able to see first-hand the thermal difference that exists between the interior and exterior of the greenhouse in question, which will serve to illustrate that, with the planet and greenhouse gases, the same thing happens.

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