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Airplanes that spray to change the climate: Urban legend or reality?

The most common symptoms associated with climate change , such as extreme events in the form of cold drops or long droughts that are observed in much of Spain, could be due to the use and abuse of military geoengineering methods, such as chemtrail (visible chemical trails in the sky) or ionization of the atmosphere.

If the systematic implementation of these practices is confirmed at a global level, we could affirm that climate change is being generated artificially, putting into question the true cause of the change in weather patterns and global warming or average increase in temperatures. In this AgroCorrn article, we talk about planes spraying to change the climate: Urban legend or reality?

  1. Urban legend or reality?
  2. Legal practices?
  3. Weather manipulation

Urban legend or reality?

There is nothing confirmed, but the indications and suspicions about the carrying out of clandestine fumigations are increasing. It is not only the complaints of hundreds of farmers and citizens, but also of specialists in the field, who are also beginning to sound the alarm.

There are hundreds, thousands of sightings that, in recent years, have ended in a complaint before the Civil Guard, and that are currently being studied by the Nature Protection Service (Seprona), although almost all of them suffer from a lack of evidence .

For now, its practice has not been confirmed , but the first voices at the institutional level are beginning to become apparent. In addition to some motions of censure and complaints to the European Commission by different political parties, some specialists, including meteorologists from the State Meteorological Agency of Spain (AEMET) or agricultural engineers, affirm that this type of practices.

Its fraudulent use has also been reported in many other countries, such as Argentina or Germany. In the latter, the largest international German private television channel, RTL, assured that chemtrails are a common practice of the Army, which carries out to modify the weather.

Military planes of the German Federal Army are manipulating our climate, this is what researchers and climate experts presume and their suspicions have been confirmed (…) We can say with 97% reliability that what we have in hand are chemical trails ( “Chemtrails”) compressed by fine particles containing polymers and metals, used to distract and mislead radar signals.

Legal practices?

Spraying by aircraft outside official radar control to change the weather is a prohibited practice for military purposes. However, there are laws that authorize it as a government initiative with other objectives, according to article 3 of Royal Decree 849-1986, of April 11, which states that “The atmospheric phase of the hydrological cycle can only be artificially modified by the State Administration (…) ”. In these cases, in accordance with article 3.4, when the procedures used involve the use of products that are dangerous to health, a favorable Health report is required for authorization.

Weather manipulation

Manipulating the climate, logically, can seriously impact the environment and, in turn, public health. This type of practice focuses, above all, on making rain clouds disappear and ranges from the creation of fogs or their elimination, in order to cause, or avoid rains, to minimize the effects of hail and to create a sunny climate. that favors the tourism sector.

According to the Global Report on Climate Change Corruption, carried out by the association Transparency International (TI), “the intentional dispersion of sulfur to obscure the sun could enhance the increase in acid rain or exacerbate the depletion of the ozone layer.”

The water cycle, essential for the health of ecosystems worldwide, would be altered, and with it would come the destruction of natural areas and a reduction in harvests, which would suffer a significant shortage of food and such basic resources like the water.

The change in the natural patterns of the climate through the introduction into the atmosphere of salts of aluminum, titanium, barium and thorium, among other toxic compounds, in short, they poison the air, water and the food chain, affecting our health. an unprecedented mode so far. It would be a public health problem of such dimensions that we cannot even imagine.

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