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Truths and lies about solar panels

Solar energy is a safe bet when it comes to saving on your electricity bills. Photovoltaic self-consumption allows you to take full advantage of solar energy, which in addition to being renewable, is a careful and environmentally friendly method. However, the use of the installation of photovoltaic energy self-consumption systems is not yet 100% widespread in our society and there are still many questions to be resolved.

Next, we want to tell you the truths and lies about solar panels . In this AgroCorrn article you will find all the necessary information to launch yourself into the possibility of producing your own energy at home, lower your bills and reduce the levels of pollution that are generated with the use of other energy sources. Clear your doubts, take a look at the myths and realities about solar energy and discover, in this way, the real advantages that the installation of solar panels for self-consumption offers you. Take note!

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Myths and lies about solar panels

We begin by explaining several of the lies about solar panels and solar energy that we can find.

If there is no sun the photovoltaic system does not work

This statement is false. The installation of solar panels takes advantage of any type of radiation to generate energy, even the radiation of a cloudy day. It is true that the more sun there is, the more power the panel will have to generate energy, but that does not mean that solar panels have a design to take advantage of any type of sunlight. In this sense, photovoltaic installations use amorphous silicon plates to gain diffuse radiation

Solar panels are not profitable

Quite the opposite! Solar panels are the most profitable option on the market. Thanks to this ecological, sustainable and renewable system we can generate electricity autonomously and without the need to connect to any electrical grid. Although the initial investment is higher, the amortization of the solar panels will be effective between 6 and 11 years, also taking into account that it has a guarantee of operation of up to 35 years.

Solar panels are expensive

In line with the previous myth, it is worth highlighting the price of installing a solar panel. Thanks to the extension of its use and the evolution of society towards the use of renewable and sustainable energies, the price of solar panels has dropped considerably. However, it must be taken into account that there are different types of panels with different powers and sizes that will vary their price.

The installation of solar panels is complicated

It’s false. There are different types of installations: those for self-consumption (with which part of the consumption is carried out from an electrical network) or those isolated (where the hob is the only source of energy). Self-consumption must be supervised by qualified installers and must be authorized, as with any work permit. In the case of insulated plates, installation is simple, so much so that it is not necessary to have a specialized technician, it is simply worth having a basic knowledge of electricity.

Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

Although it is important to keep the installation in good condition, it will be enough to wash them with water, soap and a cloth from time to time. You only have to worry if access to the panel is complicated or dangerous, because in that case it is recommended to go to a professional.

A home cannot be supplied solely with solar energy

It’s false! They can do it from homes to warehouses. There are numerous customizable solar kits adapted to each need, depending on the consumption we have at home, the hours we connect our devices to the network or the amount of space available. If you are concerned about this last aspect, we recommend this other article on How do I calculate how many solar panels I need for my house .

Truths about solar panels

Now that you know the lies, we are going to comment on the realities or truths about the solar panels that we can ensure.

Solar energy is necessary today

It is present and must be future. Photovoltaic self-consumption is a reality. Taking advantage of the energy to supply ourselves and store the energy produced in excess to have it at times of less solar radiation is possible today. In fact, there are many territories that subsidize those users who opt for the installation of solar panels at home.

With solar panels you save

In addition to being a clean and renewable energy, photovoltaic self-consumption helps you save up to 70% on your electricity bill, since you can obtain your own energy economically and if you connect to the electricity grid, the rate will be cheaper .

The photovoltaic system is responsible and sustainable

It is one of the great advantages of solar panels. It is an environmentally friendly system. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to bet on green, renewable, clean and sustainable energy.

The energy use is greater

Thanks to the self-consumption solar kits you will obtain an energy use of up to 50%, which translates into an electrical energy saving of up to 40%.

Solar panel prices may vary

As there are different types of kits, adapted to the needs of each user, the price of the installation may vary. The price range is between € 1,500 and € 2,000 per installed KW of power. The final price will depend on the quantity of panels installed and their quality.

Photovoltaic self-consumption reduces losses in networks

By producing energy jointly, energy losses or leaks in transmission and distribution networks are avoided. In this way, in addition to promoting energy efficiency, the transit of said energy through thousands of kilometers of cables is avoided.

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