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Differences between greenhouse effect and climate change

Today, it is very possible that many of us have heard of words like climate change and the greenhouse effect, since they are concepts that have gained a lot of prominence in recent years, but what exactly do they mean and what are the differences between the two? Are they related to the extreme climatic changes and phenomena that our planet is suffering lately? Could its effects be avoided?

In this AgroCorrn article we want to explain what exactly they are and what are the differences between the greenhouse effect and climate change , in order to better understand what is happening and what actions can be taken to mitigate the damage caused so far .

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  1. Main differences between the greenhouse effect and climate change
  2. What is the greenhouse effect
  3. What is climate change
  4. How to reduce the greenhouse effect and climate change

Main differences between the greenhouse effect and climate change

So, once both concepts are defined, we can really see how they are related and how they differ. Take note of this summary on the differences between the greenhouse effect and climate change and their relationship :

  • First of all, it must be clear that climate change is a direct cause of the greenhouse effect .
  • The greenhouse effect is the natural effect that some gases have when they remain in the atmosphere and retain part of the solar radiation, while climate change is the natural process that the planet goes through between glaciations and periods of extreme heat.
  • We are currently experiencing global warming, which is part of global warming but is increasing very fast due to the increase in the greenhouse effect.

Relationship between the greenhouse effect and climate change

It should be noted that both concepts did not previously have a harmful meaning, but rather they were phenomena, even beneficial, that occurred naturally throughout the evolution of the planet and the beings that inhabit it. The undermining of these concepts has happened over the last two centuries, since it has been when the population of the whole world has begun to really see the consequences of the mismanagement of the resources that human beings have developed, in the vast majority, industrial and technological activities that involve the emission of polluting gases.

That is to say, climate change is caused by a greenhouse effect that is increasingly triggered, all this is caused by the fault of humans and the mismanagement of natural and artificial resources. Therefore, the greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change are different phenomena and concepts that, of course, are not synonymous and it is necessary to learn to differentiate, but that are totally related to each other and affect each other .

What is the greenhouse effect

As a definition of the greenhouse effect we can indicate that it is a natural phenomenon in which part of the solar radiation that penetrates the Earth, rebounds in our atmosphere and is not lost in space. This is mainly due to greenhouse gases , which are mainly:

Some of these gases are present in our Earth’s atmosphere naturally, and they are responsible for retaining part of the solar radiation that penetrates our planet. Thanks to this mechanism, the Earth has the ideal temperature to host life for almost four million years.

The problem is that humans have unbalanced the proportion of greenhouse gases that are emitted naturally. This is mainly due to causes such as:

  • Great industrial development of the last centuries.
  • Excess use of fossil fuels (cars, airplanes, etc).
  • Intensive agriculture and livestock.
  • Use of aerosols.

In addition, we not only emit more gases that pollute society and affect the planet, but we are also deforesting an unimaginable number of trees, which capture large amounts of CO2 and regulate the water cycle and the presence of biodiversity in the planet.

In this way, in the last century, and due to uncontrolled anthropogenic activities, the concept of the greenhouse effect, which at first was a beneficial phenomenon for the planet and life on it, has evolved to become one of the main problems. which the 21st century society will never face.

But really, what does it mean that there is an increase in this type of gas? What consequences can be seen, that are directly or indirectly related to the greenhouse effect? To do this, we have to know another concept, called climate change. Before learning about this other concept, if you want to expand the information on the greenhouse effect, we recommend reading these other AgroCorrn articles on the Greenhouse Effect: causes, consequences and solutions and What gases produce the greenhouse effect .

What is climate change

The definition of climate change can be summarized as the variation in temperature of planet Earth . This, like the greenhouse effect, is a natural phenomenon that has occurred throughout the history of the Earth. In fact, there have been several episodes of temperature changes that have affected our planet throughout the evolution of it and its living beings, conditioning its climate and way of life (shelter, obtaining resources, etc.). A very good example is the ice ages that have been going on for more than 2 million years. These, through gradual drops and rises in temperature, have caused populations of beings of all kingdoms to fluctuate and evolve, from microorganisms to animals and plants.

But then why is there such a stir with current climate change , if it is not the first or the last time this has happened on Earth? We could say that it is a natural phenomenon and that the human being does not condition it. But it turns out that it is not quite so. If it is true that the Earth’s temperature could be rising due to various factors, both environmental and conditioned by the activity of living beings. But since the human being began to civilize and create new materials for its benefit and development, the emission of gases, and consequently the temperature, has increased and above all, has shot up alarmingly, since the industrialization of a few centuries ago. .

This is mainly due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere. As a greater amount of solar radiation is retained, it causes the global temperature to increase, that is, it favors global warming, causing the displacement of many species, which seek colder areas to which they can adapt. It also causes the melting of the poles , a fact that causes the sea level to rise, reducing the terrestrial space. Therefore, the current problem is that humans, with various of our activities, have caused the acceleration of climate change or caused an anthropogenic or “artificial” climate change .

You can learn more details in this other post on Causes and consequences of climate change .

How to reduce the greenhouse effect and climate change

The intense rains that cause devastating floods, the terrible fires that devastate millions of hectares or the shocking images of the whitish barrier reef and dying a little more every day, are just the effects caused by global warming and climate change that we live at the moment. If we do not get society to get involved and really believe and see the effects that our actions have, in a very few years there will be even more severe and more frequent phenomena, in addition to the fact that many species will disappear, especially from the coldest areas of the Earth , because they will no longer be able to adapt to the climate or because their habitat will have disappeared.

We must reduce air pollution , reduce the use of aerosols and pesticides, regulate livestock to make it sustainable and not overexploit it, since that implies, apart from more emissions, also soil pollution. It is essential to understand that when it comes to contamination, destruction and, sometimes, death of living beings, it is very difficult to return to the point where it was at the beginning, since the resilience of the planet reaches a certain point, but we overcome it there will be no turning back and we will be living in a world that we ourselves have destroyed.

To give you a better idea of ​​what can be done to reduce the greenhouse effect , global warming and slow down the acceleration of climate change , we offer you this information on:

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