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Consequences of global warming

Global warming is here, and in many places nothing else is talked about, so without a doubt they will be two words that you have heard a lot in recent years, and more and more. Failure to take care of the environment and the planet as we should is being the cause of what is known as climate change, which can cause many problems and deaths around the world.

This warming refers to the increase in the global average temperature , of the oceans and of the earth’s atmosphere, which can have serious consequences on everything around us. Currently the oceans absorb a large part of this rise in temperature, and they will do so for a few years, but it is estimated that by the year 2100 the difference will be between 1 and 3.5ºC. Although it may seem like an insignificant number, it can be a very important change. In AgroCorrn we tell you all about the consequences of global warming and ways to prevent and reduce it.

Main consequences

One of the most outstanding is the modification in the climate that this increase in temperature will entail, since global warming is closely related to climate change and, in general, the behavior of climates. That makes, changing one thing, everything undergoes modifications. Experts have made various predictions of what will happen to the climate in a few years, and the truth is that all the points are disturbing.

  • Desert areas : they will be much warmer but less humid than they are now, which will undoubtedly cause serious consequences in their environment. Many farmlands could disappear as they become warmer and become deserts.
  • Precipitation : it is estimated that they will increase between 3 and 15%, depending on the part of the world in which you are. This means that, at that percentage, it will rain more, which can be a serious problem for areas where it is already raining too much now.
  • Glaciers : about half of those that exist will melt, so the sea level will rise by 0.5m, causing many coastal areas to disappear.

Measures to prevent and slow down global warming

Currently there are many regulations that refer to this matter, and luckily many people are becoming aware of it and incorporating routines into their lives that help conserve the environment . Even so, millions of people continue to do nothing about this problem because, as it will be almost 100 years until these consequences arrive, it is something that will not affect them.

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