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Solutions for climate change

When we talk about climate change it is possible that suddenly a cloud of pessimism is installed over our heads, since all the messages and news related to it are not very pleasant. It is a scientifically proven fact that alterations are taking place, some irreversible, caused by this high global warming and accelerated climate change. It is true that more attention was due and should be paid to the scientific community in addressing this issue. However, experts in the field, although they recognize that the effort to tackle climate change should be important, they do not deny that there are solutions to stop it.

With this AgroCorrn article you will be able to learn about possible solutions for climate change , some even at your fingertips.

What is climate change and its consequences

As the name suggests, climate change is a change in climate , which is sometimes caused by global warming due to rising temperatures or a generalized cooling of these. Today we suffer from global warming and since the first Industrial Revolution arrived, the global average temperature has increased by 1.1 ºC. The causes of climate change that we currently have are related to the natural process, but above all with human activities that greatly accelerate the process.

In principle, the rise in temperature may not suggest any drastic consequences, since little more than one degree is almost nothing, right? Indeed, the consequences of climate change due to this “small” rise in temperatures have devastating impacts on some of the planet’s ecosystems, which ends up affecting the entire globe and all of us who inhabit it. These are some of the consequences that are produced by this great change in the global climate:

  • Increased risk of fires , becoming much more frequent in semi-arid places such as regions with a Mediterranean climate.
  • Sea level rise .
  • Acidification of the oceans .
  • More extreme weather events occur.
  • Risks to human health are increasing, as well as population migration from areas where it is increasingly difficult to survive or where it is more difficult to carry out food supply tasks.

By reducing global warming, multiple ecosystems and forms of life could be saved, on which people also depend on many occasions. Learn more about the Effects of climate change by reading this other article.

Are there solutions for climate change?

After what was mentioned in the previous section, it would be reasonable to begin to think that there are no measures to tackle climate change. Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) argue that maintaining the increase of one and a half degrees above the global temperature of the planet will require great efforts on the part of policies and citizens.

To be able to stop climate change and reduce the greenhouse effect, a 180º turn in the economic and energy model would be necessary, but formulas and roadmaps have already been invented and studied to stop greenhouse gas emissions , the main cause of the climate change. Currently, the agreement that was established in 2015 as the 2030 Agenda is being carried out at the global level , which seeks equality among people, protect the Earth and ensure prosperity. To achieve what was established, it set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , of which at least 9 affect the environment and the fight to stop climate change. Here you can read about the17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) .

Possible solutions for climate change

How to combat climate change is a task that depends to a great extent on the leaders who are in command of all the countries of the world, from whom a firm commitment to reduce global warming is required. Thanks to these commitments, it would be possible to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by giant steps, but at the citizen level there are also things we can do to avoid climate change and every effort counts for the planet. Below, you will find solutions on how to combat climate change and among them, there may be some that you can implement almost immediately.

Political compromise

It is necessary for all countries to make agreements and establish mandatory measures to tackle climate change. However, not all countries could have the same requirements, since the most polluting countries should be the most committed, as well as those that should lead the change of model.

We advise you to read these other articles about What are environmental protocols and examples and what the Paris Agreement consists of, countries that signed it and objectives .


A fundamental pillar to achieve a successful model change is to raise awareness and sensitize the population about the consequences of climate change. Here you can learn what is the importance of environmental education .

Within this action to guide us towards a solution for climate change, to stop its accelerated progress, we also want to indicate the importance of debating with acquaintances, friends and family on the subject, as this gives visibility and helps to understand. Here we show you 9 arguments against climate change deniers .


Another important change to solve climate change is the change from the current energy model, supplied with fossil fuels , to one where GHG emissions are close to zero. This is achieved by feeding our energy demand with energy from clean sources , such as solar or wind. Thanks to this important change, the greenhouse effect would be drastically reduced.


Currently, transport generates a significant part of GHG emissions into the atmosphere. One of the solutions for climate change in Spain is the transition to a more decarbonized mobility, since in this country the emissions derived from transport account for 27% of the total GHG emissions. This is achieved by opting for clean resources such as cycling in cities or opting for electric vehicles.

Reduction of waste generation

Waste has become a real problem in the big cities of the planet. So much so, that according to National Geographic in a report from 2018, each year 8 tons of plastic end up in the sea, waste from the land. This is favored by an economic model where the vast majority of products with plastic are disposable. For example, according to Forbes Mexico magazine, in 2020 this country led the list in waste production in Latin America for generating 1.16 kg per inhabitant per day. That is why one of the solutions for climate change in Mexico must be directed in this line.

New business models

Together with what is mentioned in the previous section, with the aim of reducing the waste generated, new business models will emerge. For example, to prevent waste from electrical and electronic equipment and combat planned obsolescence , it will be necessary to repair these objects in order to be able to reuse them and thus extend the life cycle of the products.

Local consumption

The promotion of local consumption must be a priority on the agenda of all countries. The supply of consumer goods of local origin would contribute very efficiently to combat climate change, since the emissions derived from the transport of these goods as well as the production of packaging plastics, lead to the generation of large amounts of GHG during the process.

We encourage you to read more about What is responsible consumption here.

Sharing instead of consuming

This solution is more aimed at the most polluting countries, where, due to a more favored economy, a voracious consumption model is chosen, often guided by fashions. With this solution, the servitization of many products that would become resources such as vehicles, homes, books, clothes or even light bulbs would be promoted, so that they would begin to be enjoyed through rentals.

Research promotion

It should not be forgotten that any change aimed at curbing climate change must be accompanied by support for research. With the development of new technologies, such as the research of products based on eco-design, development of electric vehicles or intelligent water management, the implementation of solutions to the current dependence on fossil resources and the consequent reduction of toxic substances contained would be promoted. in them.


This solution aims to reduce dependence on raw materials and external products that cost tons of GHG emissions. For this, it would be necessary to increase the sustainable industrial fabric in a more localized way.

Increased area protection

As a solution to protect the current biodiversity in the different corners of the planet, it is necessary to increase the protected areas. Thus, the different ecosystems that today are vulnerable to constant human intrusion into them and their consequent contamination would be preserved. In this other post you can read about The importance of nature reserves and protected areas .

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