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Caring for the environment so as not to ruin our future

It is not unreasonable to think that, in the not too distant future, we could be left without even an inch of habitable space. At least on planet Earth, because perhaps we could escape , emigrate to other worlds leaving behind a barren, contaminated place, mortally wounded after being discarded as a vulgar throwaway object.

Moreover, as the scientist Stephen Hawking affirms , the best we could do is to abandon it as soon as possible in order to avoid that human exploitation ends up destroying everything. Unfortunately, erasing ourselves from the map is most likely the best way to take care of the planet. But then there are no other ways to protect the environment effectively? Yes, of course, in theory there are, but humanity does not put them into practice with the necessary effectiveness so as not to compromise the future of humanity.

The famous astrophysicist believes that avoiding disaster in the next two centuries, that is, taking care of the environment by applying sustainable alternatives during this period, will allow us to colonize space to find new homes in the universe, places that will also be exterminated as a result of our selfishness and aggressiveness. Therefore, it would be necessary to react as soon as possible to avoid a planetary catastrophe that makes habitats incompatible with life. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article if you want to know how to take care of the environment so as not to ruin our future .


Reduce emissions

Organizations concerned about the environment, such as NGOs or the United Nations, never tire of warning that the clock is ticking against us . The UN speeches about the historic opportunity that we are missing in order to stop climate change before it is too late are clear.

As is well known, no world summit called (the so-called COPs) has reached a binding agreement at the world level that guarantees a future with controlled emissions, which allows progress in the fight against global warming. Although, as the UN has said, responsible internal policy in environmental matters is essential to be able to reach global agreements.

Science is also lapidary in its conclusions about the future of the environment when it cannot help but be scandalized by the frenetic pace at which we are destroying our environment . In no uncertain terms, an international team of renowned scientists published an alarming announcement of the end of the world we know in the journal Nature. That is, they predicted a planetary collapse without the possibility of going back, with the loss of half of the natural resources in 2025 , and 55 percent in 2045 if overpopulation and other exploitative practices continue. The solution? There is only one: stop the tremendous, disastrous impact we inflict on nature.

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