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Amazon plants with their names

The Amazon is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, in such a way that knowing exactly the number of species that inhabit this territory is one of the problems that researchers are currently facing. This is because, throughout history, different scientific methods have been applied, being able to find the same species cataloged in various ways and therefore doubling the result. At AgroCorrn we want to offer you a simpler view, telling you data and characteristics of the Amazon plants, with their names and some photos.

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  1. Biodiversity in the Amazon
  2. How many plants are there in the Amazon
  3. Amazon plants with their names – lists by types

Biodiversity in the Amazon

In the first place, it should be noted that the Amazon is one of the areas with the greatest diversity and biological richness in the world. This is due to the existence of several factors and characteristics that coincide in this territory, such as latitude, altitude, climate, temperature and rainfall. It has a humid equatorial climate, considered warm, with a temperature between 28 ° C and 30 ° C, a humidity of 83% and a level of rainfall that is around 2,500 and 3,500 mm per year. All this fosters a unique ecosystem with very favorable characteristics for the proliferation of species.

In addition, the existence of such diversity favors the richness of the soil and the substrate, since the decomposing plants favor the increase of the soil nutrients, which are absorbed and used by the rest of the species.

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How many plants are there in the Amazon

There are countless studies on the diversity of Amazonian plants . However, as we have said previously, many of the data are erroneous, since the same species has been cataloged several times, doubling the number that actually exists. So, according to the results of one of the international studies carried out recently, which is considered the most true to date, there are some 14,003 species of plants with seeds. To verify the veracity of this study, it has been corroborated with botanical collections from herbaria and museums in other countries, however, previous studies ensure that there are more than 60,000 plant species .

Amazon plants with their names – lists by types

The vegetation of the Amazon is very varied, being able to find both exotic species, such as medicinal plants, ferns, wild flowers, aquatic plants , lichens, mosses and trees of impressive height. These are some lists of the names of the Amazonian plants according to their type, genus or family:

Amazon trees

In the Amazon there are about 16,000 different species of trees. Being known for its large size, height and leafiness. Some of the most abundant species are:

  • Euterpe precatoria
  • Cupressus
  • Engler deepest
  • Eschweilera coriácea

Lianas in the amazon rainforest

Lianas are plants that grow around the trunks of trees and are capable of developing at a very fast rate since they do not need to expend energy to develop more robust trunks using the structure of other species. Sometimes they can even completely cover the tree in which they are found or grow by spreading through the treetops.

  • Bauhinia glabra
  • Habropetalum dawei
  • Dioncophyllum thollonii


Bromeliads are characterized by growing around the stems of other plants, placing their leaves in a strategic arrangement to obtain sunlight and at the same time creating holes where water from rainfall accumulates, thus giving rise to habitat. of small species of humid environments such as amphibians, salamanders, snails, etc. They are of very striking colors, such as purple, red, blue and orange, being used, on many occasions as ornamental plants. Some examples are:

  • Aechmea orlandiana
  • Bromelia Nidularium
  • Bromelia Billbergia

In the image below you can see a bromeliad in the Amazon rainforest.

Orchids of the Amazon

Orchids are the largest group of flowers that we can find, exceeding 20,000 species in the Amazon alone. Its morphology and coloration is very varied, being highly appreciated in the horticultural and ornamental sector.

  • Acacallis cyanea
  • Phragmipedium caudatum
  • Igneous Comparettia
  • Cattleya trianae
  • Stanhopea jenischian

In the cover photo of this article we can see a natural orchid in a tree in the Amazon rainforest.


Thanks to the humidity characteristic of the Amazon climate, it is possible to find a large number of fungal species throughout the year.

  • Agrocybe Aegerita
  • Cantharellus tubaeformis
  • Geastrum sessile or Geastrum Fimbriatum
  • Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca
  • Lepista nuda

It should be noted that, due to the density and lush vegetation of the Amazon, there are many species to which the sun’s rays cannot reach, since other larger plants shade or cover them. This situation has led to the development of epiphytic plants , which grow on other species, such as on the trunks of trees, in order to obtain the light that affects them, in fact, many of the previous species can resort to this mode of development.

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