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Why do birds crash into window panes

Although birds have several “enemies” to avoid, such as predators or the blades of windmills, surprisingly, a great majority suffer mishaps, blows (which can endanger their lives), when colliding with the transparent glass and window panes. It is estimated that, in the United States, between 100 and 1 billion birds die each year from this cause. In this AgroCorrn article, we address the question of why birds crash into window panes.

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Birds crashing into windows: facts and figures

In the UK, the British Trust for Ornithology estimated that there are about 100 million impacts , of which a third are fatal. They seem somewhat exaggerated figures and some scientists doubt them. But even if these accidents are far fewer, they are still a problem.

The calculation of the study from the United States, which appeared in a 1990 article by biologist Daniel Klem, is conjecture, a projection from a few reliable data. Klem took into account the number of windows in the country’s buildings and made an estimate based on the fact that between one and ten birds are killed by colliding with the windows. From that calculation comes the aforementioned figure: between 97.6 million and 975.6 million accidents.

But there are many variables: areas where birds do not live, or where they do not pass when they migrate, the size of the windows, the size of the buildings themselves, you might even think that, if the windows are not very clean, there will be more possibilities of that the birds, in their flight, see them and do not collide with them.

Another big problem for birds: cats

However, there are a large number of birds that collide with window panes and it is a matter that must be taken into account to conserve the population of some species. In other words, beyond the discussion (or the calculation) of how many birds have this type of accident each year, measures should be promoted so that accidents do not occur , regardless of whether the lives of one, two, five are saved. or millions of birds.

There are also other studies that estimate the death of birds by cats: a recent report claims that cats kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds in the United States each year.

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