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Tips to reduce the use of plastics and packaging

Until the use and manufacture of plastic bags and other packaging is definitively banned, the best way to be environmentally friendly is to reduce their use. Monotony creates habits that are often difficult to break. But sometimes, like this one, it is essential to break those habits and start organizing ourselves differently to avoid the overproduction of waste. In the following EcologiaVerde article we detail some tips to reduce the use of plastics and packaging . Take note and make it easier to take care of the environment.

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  1. Why it is important to reduce the use of plastics and packaging
  2. How to reduce the use of plastic bags
  3. How to reduce the use of plastic packaging

Why it is important to reduce the use of plastics and packaging

Before explaining some tips on how to reduce the use of plastic packaging and bags , we will detail the reasons why it is necessary to do so. These are the main reasons why it is very important to reduce plastics and packaging .

  • By reducing the use of plastic materials, we collaborate in reducing oil extraction , a resource that is not regenerated in time and at this rate we will soon exhaust, in addition to being highly polluting, both its extraction and transformation process and the resulting product that takes great amount of years to degrade.
  • Energy consumption is also reduced, as producing plastics consumes a large quantity.
  • For this reason, it is also less polluted, both by reducing the extraction of raw material and by stopping throwing these materials into the environment.
  • Plastic islands in the oceans will be reduced .
  • By reducing or eliminating the use of these materials, we will make there less accumulated in the environment, so that fewer animals and vegetation will suffer the consequences. Well, there are areas of vegetation where plants and animals stop growing and die from being trapped or consuming plastic.

These are only the main reasons, but there are undoubtedly many more to start reducing the use of these materials.

How to reduce the use of plastic bags

One of the uses of plastic bags that people cannot give up is to contain waste. In this case, it is best, if possible, to use a biodegradable bag or at least one made from recycled plastic. But in other aspects of daily life, the use of plastic bags can be reduced , such as the following:

  • Go to the supermarket with reusable bags such as, for example, cloth bags or those that the establishments have been offering for a long time or with a shopping cart that, in addition, facilitates their transport.
  • Use cloth or paper bags to carry the bread. Thus, in addition, it will not soften.
  • Choose to make the purchase stores that comply with current regulations, in the countries where there are.
  • Use lunch boxes, lunch boxes or tuppers to store or transport food. It is not necessary to wrap everything in plastic wrap or silver.

Also, try to reuse the ones you have at home to the maximum. Here we leave you a few Ideas to reuse and recycle plastic bags .

How to reduce the use of plastic packaging

Reducing the consumption of other packaging can be more complicated (the first thing that is necessary is for companies to develop packaging made with materials that do not harm the environment), but it is worth offering some tips to reduce the use of packaging plastics :

  • Avoid buying bottles if you can transport the liquid in thermos, flasks or reusing a bottle.
  • Do not buy products that are unnecessarily wrapped. For example, eggs in egg cups and wrapped in plastic or fruits and vegetables in polystyrene trays and in plastic bags.
  • Opt for the product that comes in an eco-friendly package.
  • Reuse, give another use to the containers. For example, storing things at home in cardboard or plastic boxes that you have accumulated when you buy, such as shoe boxes.
  • Recycle packaging. In the last case, if we do not find any more use for the container, it must be recycled properly, depositing it in the yellow container if it is plastic, it is a can or a tetrabrick or, taking it to a green or clean point if it is made of a non-recyclable plastic through the yellow container. Discover in this other AgroCorrn article which plastics are recycled and which are not .

And one last general tip: think and act like your grandmother. A few decades ago, they used lunch boxes, they did their shopping in the market with their shopping carts, they used cloth bags and they did not consume uselessly.

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