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Sustainable house that is built in a single day

The original sustainable houses fit perfectly with their innovative vocation and, although they are usually projects that arouse interest and surprise in equal parts, in this case the proposal exceeds all expectations. Not surprisingly, it is a house that can be erected in less than 24 hours by its own owners and whose appearance reminds us of a greenhouse or an informal house that looks more like a tent.

At the same time, these mini houses have been conceived as shelters or temporary dwellings , which does not mean that they cannot be of permanent use if they do not suffer from overcrowding, something quite likely considering their miniscule size. Therefore, they are ideal for one or two people.

A solidarity project

Although the project has clear philanthropic overtones , the idea is still applicable to any situation or environment where a sustainable and light home that is easily and quickly buildable is desired. Specifically, its materials are simple and inexpensive with the idea of ​​helping many people and being able to assemble them without difficulties and also thinking about shipping to any part of the world.

As Doug explains, the shelter can be customized according to tastes or needs. Starting with a kernel, it is possible to add more spaces to increase its size and number of dependencies.

Taking advantage of the fact that they are independent houses, a corrugated metal is used together with a transparent plastic panel with which it is played to incorporate natural lighting. For now, it is a project in evidence .

Abod Community

The first Abod community, the name given to this refuge, has been raised as an experiment on the outskirts of Johannesburg, the most populated city in South Africa, with very positive results. In fact, its creators, a team of designers led by Doug Sharp (BSB Design) consider that would be extremely useful in areas marginal where the habitability of the houses are very poor.

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