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The importance of trees in cities

It is not only important to preserve the trees that constitute forests and jungles. City parks and promenades and avenues that have healthy trees are essential for citizens to enjoy a better quality of life in the city. That mitigates, to some extent, the inconveniences of living in a big city.

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Trees in cities

Trees are very beneficial to the urban environment . They fulfill several functions that favor the city and, therefore, its inhabitants. First, they improve air quality as they are active agents that reduce air pollution. If there were no trees in big cities, traffic would make it almost impossible to live in them. Trees generate oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and retain dust and particles that remain in the environment. But, in addition, they also reduce the annoying noise that is produced in most large cities, traffic, horns, sirens, screams, works, all these annoying sounds are attenuated by the foliage of the trees, which act as anti-sound barriers. , of acoustic insulators, delaying or, even, stopping the sound waves.

In addition, they regulate and act on the climate, since they increase the humidity of the environment and decrease the temperature in summer and increase it in winter, in addition to generating air currents and forming screens against wind, rain, snow, hail or the sun’s rays. Likewise, trees that are not surrounded by concrete and cement purify the waters that seep through the ground, as their roots act as decontaminants, retaining nutrients and pathogens.

You also have to think that the trees serve as a home for birds, which enliven the city with their presence and songs. Finally, it should be noted that they offer compensation for the cold buildings in cities, providing their citizens with aesthetic, social and psychological benefits. Ultimately, they improve people’s health and well-being. The truth is that trees should be as respected in big cities as the people themselves.

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