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In the northern United States there is a new fashion: building houses with firewood . They are similar to traditional wooden houses, ecological and economical, only built with the pieces that are usually used to make a fire in a fireplace and heat the room.

Rob and Jaki Roy have been building this type of house, with firewood and mortar, since the seventies of the last century. They live in upstate New York, not far from the Canadian border. Finally, after years of experience, they created a building technique teaching center, the Earthwood Building School. But there is more: it is estimated that, in North America, there are between two hundred and three hundred houses with firewood and mortar in the process of construction and about 1,500 already built. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to learn more about these green houses.

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Build houses with firewood

According to proponents of the technique, anyone who knows how to stack firewood can build a house. You just have to place the pieces of firewood , which must be the same length, although they may have different widths and shapes, to build the wall. The remaining empty spaces are filled with mortar. Then, a mixture of sawdust is added with a little lime. Finally, a compact and insulating mass is formed.

You have to take some precautions. Above all, it is essential that the wood is dry to prevent it from shrinking or shrinking. Therefore, it is advisable to put it to dry for a year .

The type of wood also plays a role. Very fine woods, such as oak or maple, tend to shrink, even when dry. Therefore, experts advise using white cedar, white pine or fir . Between log and log, you can also place bottles, pieces of glass, shells, etc. In this way, a more personal touch is given and waste is reused.

The reason for their popularity, in any case, is not only ecological: they are cheaper houses . It is estimated that a square meter can cost about $ 220 (about 170 euros), a fifth of what the cheapest traditional construction would cost. Another advantage is that it can be built quickly and easily: a family with the right knowledge can build one of these houses in weeks.

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