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Mobile and ecological home to lead a nomadic life

Chamfer Home is a modular house that, incidentally , looks more like a beautiful trailer with legs, if we look at its appearance, mobility and size. Made with ecological materials by S-Archetype, however, beyond its aesthetics it constitutes an ideal portable refuge to lead a nomadic life around the world.

Logically, it also allows its permanent location wherever we want, for example in the city (including the roof of a farm or on the roof of a house ) or in any other place, such as the land of our property and even, if possible, also heavenly, in this case near the sand of a beach, next to a lake or in a green and flowery meadow.

Anyway, wherever and for as long as it goes, the pity is that it is still a concept, which means that it is not a tangible reality . Therefore, we have to be content with these powerful images and with the philosophy that has given life to the idea, which is no small thing.

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Micro-urban home or vacation home

As an idea, precisely, it does suppose a new real alternative for an urban life or in contact with nature. Basically, an attempt has been made to promote ecologically sustainable and accessible design in ways that spark the imagination. In the words of the S-Archetype architects:

We wanted to design a stylish home that was compact, sustainable and affordable to match different lifestyles and contemporary needs. A bold design, an eco-friendly structure that could be easily created anywhere, as well as being a fully self-contained pre-fab home, which also serves as the perfect vacation home.

Its green side is not reduced to the sustainable materials that would be used, but to its efficiency when it comes to air conditioning it in summer and winter so that it can control both cold and heat thanks to solar collectors, passive ventilation, among other resources.

Energy independence

Energy independence is another of their points strong , and its distribution, which attempts to optimize usable space to offer comforts of bigger houses, including a kitchen and a bathroom, with a total of 27 square meters.

Finally, natural light is used to the maximum, without forgetting an interesting detail: special double-glazed windows use solar energy differently depending on the needs or the season of the year, allowing the interior to be heated or ventilated on demand. . Isn’t it amazing? Without a doubt, more than one would appreciate if this idea came true.

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