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Green houses of the future to live like hobbits

Ecological houses integrated into nature, like hobbit houses, could soon be a trend . In addition to their minimally intrusive aesthetics, they represent a good solution to the triple ecological, economic and energy crisis that we suffer.

In the face of the ecological crisis, that is, in front of the dreadful beehive-type buildings, buried or semi-buried houses have innumerable advantages of habitability that, in turn, combat other problems such as energy waste or the price of houses, since these they are three to five times cheaper.

We return to the caves, we could say it like that, but in reality it is a return full of comfort, as shown by the numerous projects of famous architects such as Malcolm Wels, Philippe Delage or Antoine Strauss.


Advantages and disadvantages

If, on the one hand, the houses are protected by the earth, it is also true that they require intensive excavation, with which this entails energy expenditure and aggression on the environment. But it also happens that once the houses are built they blend into the landscape.

Winters soften in its interior, because during the summer it absorbs the heat and it is released during the cold seasons. Likewise, in recent years progress has been made in its insulation from humidity and it also allows savings in heating, since the thermal qualities of the earth are well used, whose constant temperature is around 13 ° C, according to experts.

Rounded, ideal with their green facades, although they look like hobbit houses, they do not for that reason renounce concrete. They use structures in most projects, although it is trying to improve the technology of construction to reduce energy costs and final consumer.

In fact, those made by Binishells California, by Antoine Strauss, are three to five times cheaper than a conventional house. His projects include greenhouses to produce heat, water treatment, food, including a private garden. The recovery of energy from the earth or photovoltaic solar panels provide electricity, while the water is achieved through a purification system that allows self-sufficiency , that is, it avoids us paying electricity and water bills.

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