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The sustainability of homes reaches the tents themselves because, after all, they are habitats in which you live and coexist. Although, to be exact, it must be recognized that these are unconventional tents, which seem more like a kind of luxury cabins.

Be that as it may, what there is no doubt is that they are perfect for anyone looking for a closeness to Nature compatible with an ecological and luxurious accommodation at the same time, which prioritizes both low environmental impact as well as convenience and comfort.

Created by the South Korean studio ArchiWorkshop, they are revealed as a new way to offer eco-luxury stays for people who seek glamor and style in their home, regardless of where it is located.


The good of Nature

Glamping for Gampers is the name of these tents, which adopt rounded or elongated shapes, very different from those that pointy tents normally have . They are stores that, on the other hand, are not designed for constant changes, but with a view to a long-term stay in the same location.

The elongated ones allow better adaptation to difficult terrain , while the circular ones emulate the stones that abound in the area where they are planted, a campsite in Yang-Pyeong, a region where organic farming is practiced.

In addition to being fireproof and UV-proof materials , its architecture has taken care of the appearance of insulation from the elements, both cold and wind and rain. A sustainability that seeks both to offer the comforts of home and a space that respects the environment, while allowing you to enjoy all the good things about being in the middle of Nature.

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