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List of the greenest and greenest countries on the planet

The ranking or classification of the most ecological countries on the planet continues to be one of the most consulted lists in recent times by people concerned about the environment or pollution. For many years, Finland, Iceland and Norway , all of them northern European nations, have been considered the most friendly to the natural environment. For its elaboration, environmental criteria have been taken, such as the quality of air, water, biodiversity or the emission of greenhouse gases, and social criteria, such as gross domestic product, education, unemployment and life expectancy. , those who have determined this classification by countries. In this AgroCorrn article, we show thelist of the greenest and greenest countries on the planet.

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The greenest and greenest countries

Recently, Yale University in the United States has published its particular ranking with the “greenest countries on the planet” based on the environmental performance index of each country. In this sense, it does not imply that countries are the greenest or cleanest in the world, but rather that they are countries that make great efforts to take care of the environment , or in other words, invest to reduce carbon emissions and promote recycling. among its population.

  1. Iceland . We still have Iceland in first position thanks to its recognized government programs to take care of the environment. You only have to look at its natural environment to realize the enormous beauty that this country awaits.
  2. Switzerland . In addition to being one of the richest and most expensive countries on the old continent, it is also a model country to follow in its policies for the protection and conservation of green spaces.
  3. Costa Rica . They are making large investments so that their entire population consumes renewable energies, it is also worth noting the great efforts to fight deforestation.
  4. Sweden . They have set out to become the first country completely free of polluting gases by 2020 using wind and marine energy as the major energy resources.
  5. Norway . With measures similar to those of its neighboring country, the government is predisposed that by the year 2030 it does not emit more gases into the atmosphere and its population can breathe clean air.
  6. Mauritius . It is a small island-nation but nature is above all at the heart of their way of living, so the way they take care of the environment is admirable.
  7. France . Paris has been a benchmark city in terms of sustainability, but the country in general is promoting renewable energy, they are also implementing many organic farms and creating nature reserves.
  8. Austria . It is part of this list for helping its citizens to have urban gardens where they can grow their food, as well as gardens with fruit trees, flowers, etc.
  9. Cuba . They have promised not to use more toxic pesticides in the fields to avoid contaminating the soil, instead they are now opting for organic products.
  10. Colombia . The government has managed to reduce deforestation to historic levels along with policies to protect its gigantic national parks and green areas.

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