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The concepts of electric car and sustainability go hand in hand. These models are gradually gaining ground in the motor world and will be decisive in defining the automotive future, but there are still those who view this option with suspicion. What is an ecological car? How much do I save with an electric car? How does this car benefit sustainability and the environment? And, above all, is it worth the investment in an electric car? If you have ever had these or other similar questions, in the following AgroCorrn article you will find the answers that will clear up your doubts. Take note!

What is an ecological car

An ecological car is one that contributes to reducing the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere , being respectful with the environment. To achieve this, between its engine and propulsion energy, less than 120 grams of CO2 (carbon dioxide) are emitted for every 100 km traveled.

There are two basic types of eco cars that will allow you to increase your fuel economy : hybrids and electric ones. Thus, you will notice the savings with a hybrid car or with an electric one because you will reduce much, or completely, the use of fossil fuels. While the former combine an internal combustion engine with electric drives, electric cars are exclusively powered by one or more electric motors , being the most sustainable version of ecological cars.

Is it worth buying an electric car?

One of the main advantages of the electric car is that it can be considered that it does not pollute , since it does not need fuel or produce noise pollution, because it hardly makes noise, but it is not the only benefit it can bring you.

Let’s talk about saving the electric car vs gasoline . The savings compared to a combustion car can reach up to 30%. You can calculate the savings of an electric car taking into account the daily kilometers, the price of fuel and the price of electricity. The cost of the electric car is around € 1.50 and € 2.60 compared to € 7.79 of the gasoline vehicle if we talk about consumption per km / h, which translates into a saving of € 765 per year.

On the other hand, maintenance savings are also increased, since it has a more compact and reliable motor than traditional ones and it hardly has any accessories, so any faults that may occur will be easier to detect and cheaper. In addition, if it is automatic, you will save space and the car can be used for your habitability and enjoyment. Do not forget that the efficiency of electric cars is around 90% while that of traditional cars is only 30%. In other words, an electric vehicle will need less energy than a traditional one to carry out the same effort, which translates into less consumption and more autonomy.

Finally, thanks to your ecological car you will benefit from the Zero label of the DGT that will allow you to access without limitation the city centers or circulate if there are pollution restrictions, in addition to being able to access free parking regulated by the municipalities.

How can I buy an electric car

On the one hand, it is true that buying an electric car involves a greater outlay of money, you should know that there are certain aids that will allow you to bet on an ecological car. Thanks to the tax advantages, they will be exempt from paying registration costs and can even receive a large discount on road tax (up to 75% in large cities).

On the other hand, when buying your ecological car you can benefit from the Moves Plan, an aid of up to € 5,500 giving your old car, in addition to other discount campaigns that different brands carry out seasonally. As if all this were not enough, you can count on a loan to acquire an electric car from Cetelem , an EcoAuto loan with which you can get up to € 60,000, finance your purchase and enjoy your hybrid or electric car with a reduced interest rate.

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