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Deforestation is a global drama, the consequences of which we suffer even while being thousands of kilometers from the forests that are being left barren. But not only that, because there are also many other examples of this phenomenon of regression of areas covered by forest.

Avoiding it is synonymous with prevention and the search for ingenious alternatives that allow reducing the felling of trees for one purpose or another, but above all, good legislation and its application, as well as an essential public awareness.

It is, in any case, a growing problem that affects all tropical forests, such as the Amazon, the forests of equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. Every year ten million hectares disappear. An environmental disaster that, if it continues at the current rate, in less than 300 years will destroy all the trees on the planet.

How to remedy it, what can be done to stop logging? There are many causes, and for this, very different measures must be taken. Some are obvious, such as avoiding uncontrolled logging (beyond the legal prohibition, enforcing it), as well as sustainable exploitation in agriculture or the use of wood.

For example, with the increase in the recycling of paper, its less use or resorting to other raw materials. The examples are innumerable. In general, the solution is complex, and requires the collaboration of the different parties that cause it, including the responsibility of the consumer as the last link in the chain. In the following article you will find 8 incredible solutions against deforestation .

  1. Surprising initiatives
  2. Drone for planting trees
  3. Tree moving machine
  4. Plant trees in inhospitable places
  5. Search engine for reforestation
  6. Sustainable kitchen
  7. Cooking with clean fuel
  8. Urban agriculture and vertical farms
  9. Paper with elephant dung

Surprising initiatives

Here are some truly amazing initiatives that contribute to more responsible forest management. They cannot handle the problem alone, no doubt, but they are a grain that makes a barn.

They are small great solutions, even a little crazy and, beyond their effective contribution, they have tremendous value as an example to follow. And, best of all, they are just a small sample.

Drone for planting trees

The ambitious goal of Lauren Fletcher, a scientist who worked at NASA, is to take a giant step in the fight against deforestation of the planet.

His project requires an army of drones capable of sowing a whopping 36,000 seeds every day in all kinds of areas, even the most inaccessible, which will be reached thanks to these small winged robots.

Tree moving machine

The tool that Dutchman Industries has manufactured is a machine that avoids cutting down trees when a field needs to be cleared of them.

Although the ideal is not to do it, thanks to this ingenuity it will be easier to reduce the felling of trees, as well as to reforest without having to do it from scratch.

Plant trees in inhospitable places

Again an invention that pampers trees, this time at the most fragile moment, just when vulnerable seedlings are vulnerable. It’s called Cocoon and it makes it possible for trees to grow in arid lands.

It is a biodegradable container that protects it in its early stages of development . It makes this possible thanks to its design, which protects the seedbed and subsequent phases of the plant from hostile environments and starving animals. In turn, it creates a kind of water reserve that provides it with sufficient moisture and provides fungi that help the roots to absorb moisture.

Search engine for reforestation

The searcher Ecosia ( is a search engine that was born, precisely, from the need to reforest worldwide. It is an initiative that is part of a social company based in Berlin, which in 2009 created this search engine.

The trees are planted using the advertising revenue it receives. They have managed to plant more than four million trees around the world, generating more than 2.5 million euros to carry it out.

Sustainable kitchen

Betting on sustainable haute cuisine is also a way to break a spear in favor of good forest management. In this area, Alez Atala stands out, a prestigious Brazilian chef who for more than ten years has sought to change modern Brazilian cuisine, giving it a necessary touch of sustainability.

Among other initiatives that it has carried out so that modern Brazilian cuisine does not represent an environmental attack on the Amazon is the cultivation of pripioca root in farms instead of being a factor of deforestation, as well as the development of an extract so as not to have to use the natural one.

Cooking with clean fuel

The use of firewood and therefore the felling of trees for heating and cooking is a very common practice in rural communities, especially in developing countries.

In order to avoid this expense, which on the other hand represents a serious pollution problem harmful to health and the environment (also increasing the risk of fires), different initiatives have emerged.

Wilson Solar Grill is one of them. This solar powered grill is ideal for safe and sustainable cooking. Or, for example, the successful project of Betty Ikalany, a Ugandan woman who managed to improve the lives of women in her country by providing them with clean, safe and affordable fuel for cooking.

It is based on charred peanuts and in addition to helping them improve their quality of life, it represents a contribution to the fight against deforestation. With the advantage that different agricultural residues can be used, depending on the product to be

Urban agriculture and vertical farms

Cutting down trees to turn them into cultivation areas is one of the practices behind deforestation. In this sense, urban agriculture and, above all, vertical urban farms are another way to help reduce deforestation.

Paper with elephant dung

John Matano, Kenyan businessman founder of Nampath Paper, has achieved a very original product that is made in a no less peculiar way. We can define it but role of elephant dung that, among other phases, goes through a sterilization process. A lucrative business, which boosts the local economy and is eco-friendly with animals and contributes to reducing deforestation .

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