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We do not have to tell you that the expenditure on paper per person per year is enormous and that consuming excess paper, of any type (toilet, in handkerchiefs, to write …) results in a huge ecological impact. However, although its beautiful appearance can deceive us, one of the most harmful for the environment is gift wrapping paper. The poor quality of the paper and its chemical inks and pigments make it unsuitable for recycling. In fact, the more sophisticated the wrapping paper, the worse its environmental impact, not to mention how polluting the manufacturing process is.

Socially, we usually deliver our gifts wrapped , but wrapping paper as we know it is not at all the last alternative we have to achieve a beautiful final result. We propose many initiatives for you to choose the simplest or the one you like the most, which will also make you appear with the most original packaging of the entire party. In addition to contributing to a more ecological existence if you make use of them, at the end of the year we will report savings by avoiding buying the rolls of paper for all those birthdays, parties and celebrations to which we are usually invited.

  1. Reusable recycled paper
  2. The linen wrap
  3. Decorate a simple recycled paper bag
  4. Recycled paper and washi-tape
  5. Newspaper bags
  6. Cereal boxes turned into gifts
  7. Even more original: the cylinders
  8. Passion for botany
  9. Old maps or calendars
  10. Designing our own paper
  11. Decorate the paper
  12. Paint with potatoes

Reusable recycled paper

Wrap that gift to a loved one in reusable recycled paper . You will find them in specialized stores at a price slightly higher than the conventional one, but you can use it many times for your next gifts. If you don’t want it to be used again, at least make sure it has the organic certificate, fortunately more and more businesses have noticed this problem and sell them. In addition, with this initiative, you will be sending an important message to those who receive your presents.

The linen wrap

Without a doubt, one of the medals for originality is using old fabrics to wrap our gifts. The person who receives them will be delighted and surely you will easily find old fabrics at home that can be used for this purpose.

For example, from curtains to pull, jeans that no longer fit you, cloth napkins or tablecloths. It will even look great with a wool sweater that is too small for you! If you want to be even more original and practical, buy a nice scarf and wrap the gift with it, they will be two gifts in one!

Decorate a simple recycled paper bag

Sure you have many bags of paper at home that although at first glance may seem very ugly, they are apt to be embellished with few steps and in a few minutes. To do this, you can stick a sheet on it (for example, with music notes, a collage made by yourself, pieces of fabric or colored paper …) and natural elements such as a small pineapple of pine nuts, a piece of rosemary or a fir branch that you pick up on the ground in the park.

Recycled paper and washi-tape

You have probably heard of washi tape, that adhesive cellophane with various colors and borders that offers you the most varied decorative compositions for furniture and objects. It will be our ally to decorate the gift packages to our loved ones. We only need any paper that is going to be thrown away (for example, the same paper bags from the previous example), preferably light in color and then give way to the imagination with two or three washi tapes. In addition, they will serve you to create multiple compositions in packaging.

Newspaper bags

Retrieving the same bags of paper shopping ( they also serve us giving us clothes shops), we suggest you line them with paper from old magazines or newspapers like. If you want to be even more original, rescue the crosswords from the same newspapers and create a gift wrap that will also entertain your loved one.

Cereal boxes turned into gifts

It just takes a little morning to reuse the boxes empty cereal and turn them into ingenious gift wrap. Print a scheme like the one shown below and cut it out on the cereal box. It is the ideal packaging to give small objects, details and chocolates! Even if you prefer, you can encourage yourself to make some artisan cookies.

Even more original: the cylinders

Think of the cylindrical containers that do not serve us and we can find at home (like the one with Pringles potatoes). They can be used to wrap our next gift. We just have to cover it with a nice paper that no longer works for us, with fabrics or with the previously mentioned washi-tape, and decorate it to our liking (recreating a figure or a doll, with fabric ties, labels, colored stripes, strips comic, polka dots, inspiring words …) You’ll see how it looks fabulous!

Passion for botany

A great idea to give your gift and, also, encourage that person you love so much to try the experience of growing and watching a plant grow (if they don’t already). All you have to do is buy a pot and put your gift in it. Choose one of those that come with a plate so that the water does not leak and use this plate to cover the pot and close it completely as a gift. You can stick it with the help of rubber bands, another type of elastic, even fabric ribbons. It will not be difficult for you to find the pot of the size you need in garden stores or drugstores.

Old maps or calendars

Why do we want a 1982 calendar or a road map that was out of date years ago? We can take advantage of it to clean our house and, in turn, give rise to original gift wrapping. Simple as that!

Designing our own paper

This solution is one of the favorites and without a doubt the most creative , we only need an hour or two of our time (or much less!). It will be very fun to do these crafts with the children, in which we will use only simple materials that we all have at home. In addition, our creations will not only serve us to wrap gifts, but we can make sheets with them to decorate the walls, t-shirts, frames and a long etcetera.

We will need:

  • Recycled paper or that no longer serves us.
  • Different household objects
  • Tempera type paintings, etc.

Decorate the paper

Oddly enough, with forks and a little paint we can make beautiful drawings that will decorate our wrapping papers. For example, easily recreate trees or flowers.

The bottom of Coca-Cola bottles and other soft drinks (those that are like in relief) are ideal for painting flowers. We just have to dip them in a little paint and put it on paper! Without a doubt, you will be able to make some beautiful gift wrapping in seconds.

Paint with potatoes

Also potatoes (especially those that have become a bit old) are ideal for painting on fabric or paper. We just have to cut it into the desired shape (you can even make stamps with them with a small and sharp knife and be very careful) and let the creativity flow.

We will never underestimate the possibilities that simple rolls of paper offer us. With just a few cuts at the bottom (in the way you want, stars, fringes …) we can create beautiful compositions. Likewise, the cork of a wine bottle acts as a seal and gives us great possibilities in terms of designs. Likewise, all the brushes that may be in the home (teeth or cleaning) that have become old, are perfect for making drawings on paper.

With four or five paint-soaked soda straws, we can create beautiful wrapping paper in a few seconds. Something simple, cheap and without a doubt very original.

And you? Can you think of any other ideas to get rid of polluting wrapping papers once and for all?

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