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The organic fertilizers have advantages and disadvantages but today I want to focus on the advantages of so you can realize all the good they have for you and your plants. But ultimately you will have to be the one to decide which is the best method to fertilize your lawn or garden.

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  1. It is better for health
  2. More and better nutrients for the soil
  3. It is more economical
  4. It’s better for the environment
  5. A little history…

It is better for health

Almost every aspect of organic gardening revolves around soil health – and your own! Organic fertilizers contribute to better soil health by increasing organic matter (improving soil structure), reducing soil erosion, and supporting a healthy ecosystem. In addition, and if that were not enough, as it does not contain chemicals, you will not be exposed to harmful gases.

More and better nutrients for the soil

The slow, gradual and natural release of nutrients is one of the great advantages of organic fertilizer. This natural release of elements means there is less risk of too much fertilization and damaging soil health.

You will also have to apply fertilizers less frequently which will reduce your expenses. Plants grow at a natural and healthy rate, so they will be stronger and more stable plants , something that does not happen with those plants that grow at an accelerated rate.

It is more economical

Organic compost is a much cheaper option than any other chemical alternative. If you have compost at home or if you live in a rural area, the only thing you will need to invest in fertilizing your soil is your time. Many farmers sell manure and even give it away if you are willing to collect it. It is cheaper and more efficient.

It’s better for the environment

Being something totally organic will not be creating chemical compounds harmful to the environment, this means that your plants will be able to grow without you having to punish the environment. Are you one of the people who bet on organic fertilizer?

A little history…

Until the early 20th century, manure, compost, food scraps and other organic waste were the only means of fertilizing the soil. The organic way of farming and healthy gardening was not a choice, it was the only way of life.

Something that for many people do not understand why it has changed or chemical fertilizers are produced since they think that it is the best way that nature helps us to fertilize the soil.

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