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Garden plants need special care to be able to live healthy and free of pests and diseases. For this reason, like people, they not only need water to survive, they also require a series of care and pampering that is great for them.

Plants need nutrients , and these nutrients can be obtained from compost and fertilizers. Although at first the difference between a plant that receives these nutrients and another that does not is much noticeable, in the medium and long term the difference is very notable.

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Main differences between fertilizer and compost

You have to be very clear that a fertilizer and a compost are not the same . While the fertilizer is responsible for providing nutrients to the plant at a certain time because it requires them (either due to a disease or because the time of year requires it), what the fertilizer achieves is to modify the structure of the soil to improve it, without have a short-term goal only.

Once you know what you need, it is important that you read the instructions of the product you have purchased well, since a fertilizer and a compost are not applied in the same way . In addition, it is not the same to apply fertilizer or granulated compost than to do it in bars or in liquid form.

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