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How to teach ecology in schools

Ecology is the defense and protection of nature and the environment. In other words, it is the way to conserve this planet . Therefore, it is essential that ecology is taught in schools from an early age. Children will be responsible for taking care of the planet in the future.

Ecology studies, more specifically, the relationships of living beings with the environment and, also, the transport of matter and energy and their transformation by living organisms. Beyond this, and taking into account that the human being is the living organism that most influences the planet, ecology must deal with how man is changing the environment . Or, perhaps another perspective would be better: how human beings can develop and enjoy a good quality of life without harming nature. If you want to know how to teach ecology in schools , keep reading this AgroCorrn article.

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How to teach ecology

Teaching ecology in schools does not necessarily mean going to the countryside to see nature. The environment is everything , also the city. In this way, teaching ecology at school is going out into the courtyard, into the city and observing natural processes : the environment is a river and a mountain, but also the trees in the cities, a puddle or an insect that lives in the school yard.

On the other hand, it is necessary to influence issues such as reuse and recycling , as well as saving resources (water, energy …) and the importance of reducing consumption in general.

Practical cases

It is a good idea to teach ecology with case studies. For example, children can be taught to make natural compost from waste such as potato or carrot scraps or fallen leaves. Later, to complete the process, that compost must be used to plant some type of vegetable or fruit. With the advantage that the children, once the food is collected, can take it home to consume.

Other waste can also be used to make new objects and teach the concept of reuse.

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