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Mint, or Mentha if we call it by its scientific name, is a whole genus of aromatic herbs highly appreciated in cuisines around the world for its refreshing aroma and flavor. It is used both to prepare dishes and drinks, as well as to have at home as an aromatic and decorative plant, in a pot or in the garden.

If you want to have your own mint at home, join us in this AgroCorrn article to learn how to plant mint step by step with this practical gardening guide full of tips.

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  2. How to plant mint in soil or soil
  3. How to sow the mint plant
  4. How to plant mint by cuttings and reproduce it
  5. How long does a peppermint plant take to grow?

How to plant potted mint

The first thing is to choose which variety or hybridization of mint we want to grow. This will depend on the specific conditions of where we are going to locate it or what we want to use it for. For example, tea is very appreciated by English mint, while lemon mint adds a touch of citrus much appreciated by some. The next thing is to get a small seedling of the desired mint. It is possible to grow mint from seed, but the process is much faster and easier if we use seedlings or cuttings , since the seeds are not easy to germinate. You can even use fresh mint that you have bought. Most may not get by, but it is better than throwing it away if you have enough.

On the other hand, if you are wondering when to plant mint , you can do it practically all year round, especially if you plant in pots. As long as the temperatures are not too low, the plant will be able to thrive. In any case, if you are looking for the optimal moment, wait for spring .

Knowing all of the above, now we explain how to plant mint at home in a pot :

  1. Prepare a pot with drainage holes and a diameter of at least 30 cm. Mint is very invasive and needs space.
  2. The substrate that we will use can be sandy-type compost like those sold in any specialized store. You can also prepare your own mixture, the important thing is that it has good drainage and is rich in nutrients, so mixing worm castings with peat and coconut fiber will give excellent results, especially if you add vermiculite and perlite.
  3. Bury the seedling deep enough for it to stand. and adjusts the soil around it so that it is securely attached.
  4. Water the first time, abundantly but without waterlogging, and place it in a sunny location but without direct sunlight during the first days.
  5. If the plant doesn’t hold up, you can set up supports with pencils, wooden sticks, or other similar things to support it for the first few weeks.

How to plant mint in soil or soil

Now you know how to plant mint in a pot but, of course, it can also be planted directly in the ground. To plant mint in the garden or orchard directly, we must avoid planting in the months from late fall to late winter. This is important to prevent the seedling from getting frost, which could damage it in cold weather. Otherwise, the process is practically the same as in a pot. You should take into account the following tips:

  • The roots of mint tend to spread out a lot, so it may be advisable to put it in a large pot and then bury it with it or use a non-invasive variety such as pineapple mint.
  • It should be planted somewhere with at least 6 hours of light per day, but protected from the strongest midday sun, especially in the warm months.
  • The soil should be rich in nutrients and well drained, so you will probably want to apply compost or worm castings before planting.

Here we talk about the different types of compost that there are and about How to make homemade compost .

How to sow the mint plant

If we want to learn how to plant mint from seed and when to plant mint, we will have a slower and riskier process ahead of us than with seedlings or small mint plants, but it is perfectly possible. If we are going to sow outdoors, the ideal is to do it in spring , while if we sow in a seedbed or greenhouse we have the whole year for it. Follow these steps to plant mint :

  1. The first thing is to dig the earth to loosen it or prepare a light and very dry substrate. In any case, both must be rich in organic matter, with earthworm humus or quality compsot.
  2. Then, the most common sowing with these seeds is simply to spread them naturally on the ground, then stirring very gently with a rake so that they are buried very slightly, or simply add a little more soil, less than 1 cm.
  3. Then we must water abundantly, preferably drip to avoid digging them up, or covering them with a cloth and watering over it.
  4. Until the seeds germinate, keep the soil moist but not watery.

How to plant mint by cuttings and reproduce it

You may also wonder how to plant mint in water so that it grows roots and how to plant a mint cutting in soil, either soil or pot. With the cutting we will do almost the same as with the seedling, with the difference that before we have to plant it in water so that it creates roots. If you want to know how to grow mint in water so that the root comes out and then be able to plant the mint cuttings in the ground, take note:

  1. Simply prepare a clean glass of water and place in it the cuttings or mint bouquets that you want to produce root.
  2. Leave only the stem submerged, with the leaves out of the water.
  3. If you keep the glass in a sunny, warm place, it shouldn’t take long for you to see whitish roots appear at the base of the plant.
  4. If you see that the days go by and they don’t appear, maybe they need more sunlight or a little more temperature.
  5. When they are a good length, a few centimeters, your seedling is ready to be planted in the ground.

How long does a peppermint plant take to grow?

The seeds of the mint plant germinate approximately 10-15 days after sowing, although this time varies depending on the climate and specific conditions. If the cultivation has gone well, in about a year the plant should have developed enough to start harvesting it a little, although its growth will be greater during the second year.

Since you have already discovered everything about planting mint in the garden or in a pot , and you will have already been able to decide where to plant mint in your house depending on the space that there is and the amount of light that can reach the plant, you only have to learn more about the care of mint and for that, we offer this practical guide to gardening AgroCorrn in text and video, you can see below.

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