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Conservation and protection of the environment: importance and measures

Man has always interacted with the environment, using and obtaining the resources he needs to survive. However, the continuous growth of the population in recent years has caused the excessive exploitation of resources, causing, at the same time, great damage to the environment that surrounds us, such as pollution, species extinction or the well-known climate change.

Therefore, it is important to try to alleviate this situation and reverse its effects through the conservation of the natural environment. In AgroCorrn we explain the importance of the conservation and protection of the environment and the measures for it.

  1. What is the environment
  2. What is caring for the environment
  3. Importance of conservation and protection of the environment
  4. How to take care of the environment – conservation and protection measures

What is the environment

To begin with, we must understand the term environment as that space in which man relates and interacts with the environment. In this way, we must understand it as a whole, being composed of three environments, the physical, the biological and the socioeconomic.

  • Physical environment: made up of all those phenomena and physical factors that affect the environment, such as those related to climate, temperatures, rainfall, geological movements, etc.
  • Biological environment: refers to living organisms, such as flora, fauna and even water.
  • Socio-economic environment: this environment includes most of the actions that relate human beings to the environment, such as, for example, urbanization and construction on natural land.

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What is caring for the environment

The care of the environment refers to behavior that keep all living beings, especially humans, to respect, care for and protect in order to ensure their conservation .

We must bear in mind that any factor that makes up the environment is susceptible to changes and in turn have repercussions on the rest, which, unfortunately, usually occur with a harmful result. For this reason, it is very important to be aware and persistent in taking care of each and every one of the factors that make up the environment, and not just act in a conscientious way from time to time.

An example of this situation can be the care of the oceans . For years, man has furrowed them, contaminated them and made use of them at will, not caring for any effect that his actions could have. However, today, we are aware of the problem that we have caused, of the great diversity of marine flora and fauna that is disappearing and of the pollution that we have caused in one of our most valuable resources, and it is now that we try to adopt the behavior respectful that we should have always had.

Importance of conservation and protection of the environment

The importance of conserving the environment lies in the very importance of the environment , since we all live in it. Therefore, if we want to ensure our own survival and well-being, and that of other living beings , we must worry about their care and protection.

Currently, the studies and data collected by the scientific community are clear evidence of the deterioration that the environment has suffered, so reversing this situation has become essential. The first step is to understand and be aware of the problem. One of the most useful tools to raise awareness is environmental education , this can be imparted to the youngest in schools and the oldest through the media, in order to involve all human beings.

Understanding this last idea is also important, since it is a common mistake to think that environmental conservation is the task of those people who have studied or are professionally engaged in this branch when, in reality, it is a task that concerns us. all . We all live on the same planet, Earth, and therefore it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of it.

How to take care of the environment – conservation and protection measures

Now that we know why it is important to take care of the environment and its importance for us and other living beings, we will talk about how to protect the environment and conserve it . Take note of the best ways to collaborate in caring for the environment:

  • Energy saving: maintaining a responsible attitude when using appliances and household appliances, turning off those that are in disuse, as well as the automatic pilots, unplugging any device connected to the electrical network that we are not using, replacing conventional bulbs with fluorescent and using natural resources such as the sun’s energy, to take advantage of both its light and the heat it projects.
  • Saving water: as you well know, the river is made drop by drop. In this way, every drop we waste can be converted into liters at the end of the day and overwhelming quantities at the end of the month. By showering instead of filling the bathtub, reducing the capacity of our cisterns, avoiding letting the water run and, ultimately, closing the tap in all those situations in which its use is not essential, we will save our most precious resource.
  • Use of resources: this refers to the use of all the resources and materials that we have. We live in a society based on consumption, and on many occasions we buy items and products that we do not really need.
  • Recycle: this action is related to the previous one, since, through the correct segregation of waste, waste and waste in the containers set up for each of them, we can offer a new life to our waste, thus guaranteeing use of resources.

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