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Animal exploitation is one of the biggest problems we face. To date, more than 3,000 animals are killed every second due to very cruel practices. Reducing this figure is in everyone’s hands and more than ever with governments. Unfortunately, few measures are carried out so that animals do not suffer as they are doing in the 21st century.

Next, we describe some of those practices that make there are animals that have only known fear and pain.

  1. Circuses
  2. Fur industry
  3. Bullfighting
  4. Dropouts
  5. Hunting and fishing
  6. Scientific experimentation
  7. Aquariums and zoos
  8. Farms


Animals have to live in freedom to be happy and carry out those activities that are natural to them. To cage their lives to work in circuses is to end their freedom , favor stereotyped behaviors and decrease their life expectancy. Some of these negative factors are the stress they suffer from being locked up, malnutrition, sadness and the mistreatment that many of them receive.

Fur industry

The subject of fur is a very delicate subject. Millions of animals die from this cause. One fact is worth: 85% of the skin used in European production comes from farm-raised animals. These live in very poor conditions and die drastically to prevent the skin from deteriorating. Electrocution, suffocation and lethal injections are some of the procedures used to end the lives of these animals. Hunted animals like seals die from the strong blows they receive from hunters. A brutal death.


The bullfighting “festival” causes about 20,000 bulls to die a year in Spain . In addition, they do not die in a dignified way, they are tortured and murdered by characters who make a very good living from it. The spectators are accomplices in a massacre that has to end. A lunge with a 1 meter long sword destroys the animal’s lungs, liver, diaphragm or heart. If with this they have not managed to kill the bull, they use the so-called “lace” to destroy the spinal cord. A savage show that takes place in much of Spain with parties such as El Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas.


Buying animals that are for sale may seem like it is very well, but doing so inadvertently contributes to the increase in the abandonment of animals , as well as to the exploitation of these to raise and sell their young. It may be okay to buy or take in an animal, but as long as that animal is treated the way it deserves and is not abandoned . There is no use buying a dog if when summer arrives it is abandoned in the middle of the road to starve or run over. Abandoning man’s best friend is to have no heart. Unfortunately, in Spain the number of dropouts is extremely high.

Hunting and fishing

Both hunting and fishing are totally reprehensible practices. While it is true that we can feed on meat and fish as omnivores that we are, it is no less true that we can do so without having to kill animals as hunters do and also choose to increase the consumption of vegetables much more than animal products, or we can even live without meat and fish.

For example, in Spain there are almost a million hunters. The hunted animals will be destined for gastronomy or illegal merchandise trafficking , such as the ivory tusks of elephants.

Scientific experimentation

Experimenting with animals is something that has been done for a long time. Rabbits, rats, sheep, goats, dogs, pigs or cats are some of the animals that have to go through the laboratory to be experimental meat. During the time in which they are used, they undergo all kinds of torture and treatment that ultimately end their lives. Whether for hygiene products such as colognes or for medicines, animals are always the first to suffer the negative effects of chemical materials. Cosmetics, the chemical industry, pharmacology, psychology studies or the military use animals without compassion for their studies.

Aquariums and zoos

As with circuses, animals are cut off their freedom to remain in captivity throughout their lives. Despite the fact that zoos and aquariums defend that they have animals as a matter of learning and research, the truth is that it is a business to profit at the expense of animals that live in unfavorable conditions . We do not say it because they are poorly treated, we say it because all animals have to live in freedom in order to reach their maximum life expectancy. Although it is boasted that endangered species are kept in zoos and aquariums, the truth is that 66 of the more than 6,000 endangered species are found in these safe places.


Farms deserve special mention. It is perhaps the place where animals suffer the most during the time they are there. They are slaughterhouses that we could compare with the concentration camps of Auschwitz during the Second World War. The animals arrive there, are fattened to the maximum and slaughtered so that the meat can be used in the markets. The animals living in industrial production farms suffer during transport and during the stay. Many animals are agglutinated in very little space and are slaughtered using a method that guarantees to kill the largest number of animals in the shortest possible time.

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