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Have you heard of World Soil Day? Known in English as World Soil Day , this day is celebrated to remember the great importance of soils for life as we know it.

In AgroCorrn we explain what is necessary to better understand why World Soil Day is celebrated , what is its origin and how it is usually celebrated, what type of activities or events are given, among other aspects to commemorate soils, focusing the attention of the world’s population in its great importance and how vital its conservation is through responsible and sustainable management of the resources we obtain from soils.

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  1. When is World Soil Day celebrated and its origin
  2. Why is World Soil Day celebrated?
  3. How to celebrate World Soil Day

When is World Soil Day celebrated and its origin

The World Soil Day or the Day of the Land is celebrated on December 5 every year, no matter what day of the week falls.

In 2002, the IUSS, or International Union of Soil Sciences , advised that it was necessary to hold a day to remember and honor soils or earth worldwide. For this reason, the WSD or DMS was created as a basis for the awareness of the world population about the importance of soils and their conservation. This happened in the Global Soil Alliance and was supported by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or ONUAA). However, it was not until 2013 that the unanimous approval of World Soil Day was formalized and, therefore, the first day of this event was held on December 5, 2014.

Why is World Soil Day celebrated?

The main reason that summarizes the need to take care of the soils and to celebrate a special day for it is that, as a society, we need to remember certain vital aspects from time to time and this day is about reminding ourselves that soils or earth are essential and totally necessary for nature to prosper and, therefore, life, at least as we know it.

The importance of soils and their conservation

The earth, or the soils, is vital for all kinds of life to develop , for example for plants, fungi and very varied microorganisms to grow. It is the place where a seed begins to germinate until it bears a fruit and it is also the place where dead matter decomposes to continue the cycle of life.

Therefore, a soil that is contaminated and that is no longer fertile harbors much less amount of life than a healthy one, in which life can develop naturally but humans also take advantage of it to produce our food.

Why is World Soil Day celebrated? The answer is that we need one more reminder of why it is necessary to stop polluting soils and try to recover those that we have damaged. In this way, it is intended to stop the accelerated deterioration of the soil and the loss of it in order to continue having life on the planet, as it is known.

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How to celebrate World Soil Day

On this designated day to remember the importance of soils or land, a great variety of activities are carried out and different actions are carried out, which are decided in each country, or even in each autonomous community, region or locality.

For example, in many places, talks and activities related to soils , their importance and the relevance of their conservation are carried out. These activities can include actions to take care of the environment , activities related to recycling, pollution or also with orchards and food.

Outside of schools, public and private entities related to soil management and its conservation are in charge of holding conferences, lectures, fairs, collecting “trash” or trash in nature, especially that of forest soils, and other activities for professionals and the general public. In this way, reports and studies are presented, problems and possible solutions are posed, and so on.

If you want to participate in any of these actions, you can find out at your local town hall to see what is happening this day in your area and sign up. Likewise, you can collaborate with associations and platforms dedicated to environmental education and soil conservation around the world or in regions especially in need, as well as promote awareness among your acquaintances and through social networks if you have them, to reach more people with this message. To do this, you can use some of these Environmental phrases and information that you find interesting from AgroCorrn, among other resources.

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