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On October 4, World Animal Day is celebrated. What started as one, is special blessing of religious celebration animals of company (the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and environmentalists), it has become a day to demand a fair and ethical treatment for the animals . While animals receive their blessings in churches and synagogues, activists for their rights organize protests, fundraising and advocacy events, and information tables.

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In Venezuela, for example, World Animal Day will be celebrated with a march rejecting the poisoning of stray dogs on Margarita Island. They also want to take advantage of the celebration to congratulate the Minister of Health, Eugenia Sader, who announced sanctions to the officials who order these deaths.

On the beaches of Isla Margarita, many dead stray dogs appeared that had eaten food containing strychnine, a powerful poison. That death is very cruel, because they are burned inside due to the poison, wallowing in pain. The march planned for World Animal Day wants to claim other methods to control the proliferation of stray dogs, such as carrying out sterilization campaigns for abandoned animals , as well as education for pet owners. The abolition of bullfighting is also called for.

In Pamplona (Spain), the international organization for the defense of animal rights, AnimaNaturalis, came forward to Sunday, October 2, to censor the suffering of the billions of farm animals that are killed each year for human consumption.

San Francisco de Asís is considered one of the first ecologists in history. It was a precursor to the animal rights and ecology movements, which began to be created in the 19th century.

The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights was proclaimed on October 15, 1978 and approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and, later, by the United Nations (UN ). This declaration establishes that all animals have rights and points out that ignorance and disregard for those rights have led and continue to lead man to commit crimes against nature and against animals.

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