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Why do the fruits of the tree fall

If you have fruit trees in your garden, it is very likely that you like to see how the fruits appear and how later, once they are ripe and in good condition, you can eat them together with your family. The truth is that after seeing your tree in flower, we like to see how its fruits begin to form but our soul breaks when we see that it begins to fall from the tree before it matures. But do not be scared, even if it does not seem so, it is very normal in fruit trees.

A garden with trees is a paradise for the outside area of ​​your home, and if it also offers you fruits that you like, it will be much more interesting. Normally there is a time of year that will depend on the characteristics of the tree, where trees have a natural tendency to drop their immature fruits . Fruit trees need a more complete crop to be able to compensate for fruit losses.

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Why do the fruits fall from the trees

Fruit trees have seeds in their fruits where more food will be produced later. When a crop is too large and the tree does not have enough resources to thrive, the result is smaller and quite possibly lower quality fruits. That is, if the harvest conditions are not stable, the tree will have poorer quality fruits that will tend to fall.

On the other hand, it should be noted that trees protect themselves and their seeds, so if it is detected in time and the conditions are modified to make them more favorable, the tree will be able to grow steadily and its fruits should not fall.

Immature fruits fall off

Immature fruits compete for food and water, and as in nature: only the strongest survive. The fruits that contain few seeds are the first to fall off the tree. Fruit trees can actually indicate that their flowers were not properly pollinated and when perhaps the flowers were falling you were not too alarmed, but now that the fruits are falling … you will have more in mind for the next time.

What you can do to prevent the fruits from falling off the tree

So that the fruits of the tree do not fall, you need to make sure that they are receiving enough water and that they are not sitting in soil that is too dry or too wet for the roots to rot. But to perform a good prevention of the fall of the fruit of your tree you must also take into account other aspects.

The tree and the fruit will grow better if the fruit ripens correctly, some fruit trees need little help to progress since the fruits have stones (peaches, plums, nectarines), you will only have to check that the tree does not have pests, diseases and that they receive all the nutrients and water they need to thrive.

Take care of your trees

It is necessary that you know well what type of tree you have and what care it requires in case it needs it. A tree in principle requires little care, but when it is a tree that you have in the garden, you must make sure that it receives all the light it needs, that the soil has enough nutrients and that it is not sick or has living beings among its branches eating the fruit. .

When you know exactly what your fruit tree needs (you can ask directly at the nursery closest to your home), you will realize that it is not difficult to take care of it and that the fruits, even if some fall, you will have many others to enjoy in family.

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