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What to plant around the pool

Without a doubt, the best thing about summer is being able to take a dip on the beach or in the pool every time the heat hits. That is why owning a house with a pool is truly a blessing. And it is that in addition to refreshing you, they add to the garden a large number of activities and fun, in addition to providing relaxation when necessary.

If your pool is surrounded by a garden, you should bear in mind that there are different possibilities of decorating its edges thanks to different plants. Of course, it is necessary to take great care of them so that the area is even more to our liking. Next, we talk about the best plants to grow around the pool.

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  1. Temperature and humidity
  2. Tips for choosing plants in the garden with a pool
  3. The most recommended plants for around the pool

Temperature and humidity

When choosing the plants that will surround the pool, it should be taken into account that they will be in the sun almost all the time, in addition to the humidity conditions of the home. Therefore, the ideal is to choose native plants so that they can withstand the temperatures of the area without problems.

Tips for choosing plants in the garden with a pool

On the other hand, it is also important that they do not have root growth, as they could attract insects. Plants with thorns or sharp leaves are also not recommended. On the contrary, you should select those species that develop slowly so that they do not cast too much shade.

It is also advisable that they are evergreen plants so that they do not continuously dirty the pool and that they do not have large roots that can pierce the pool.

The most recommended plants for around the pool

Thus, in addition to grass, palm trees, boxwood, papyrus, camela, aquatic plants, cyca or banana trees are recommended. Bamboo or ferns will give the pool an exotic look.

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