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The new most resistant Marijuana strains in 2021

What are the best resistant marijuana strains this year? Which of these are consumed the most? We cannot ignore that marijuana is one of the most consumed plants in the world, thanks to its properties and benefits. Its medicinal virtues are widely recognized and therefore more and more countries are making its cultivation and consumption more flexible. Next, in AgroCorrn, we will tell you all about the new, more resistant varieties of marijuana in 2021 . Discover the varieties of marijuana seeds most demanded by cannabis users and their effects.

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Royal Runtz, one of the most resistant marijuana strains in 2021

The Royal Runtz is a type of marijuana seeds descendant of two of the most potent strains of the world: Zkittlez and Premium Gelato and USA origin. This genetic makeup gives her unparalleled potency: 50% indica 50% sativa .

The Royal Runtz variety is the living image of the evolution of the cultivation of marijuana for self-consumption, since it offers levels of THC that are not usually found in other varieties and that help to relax the body, while awakening your creative energy. In addition, it is defined by being incredibly sweet, with an intense aroma and fruity flavor.

As for its cultivation, you should know that it can be sown both indoors and outdoors, since, thanks to its resistant and durable genetics , it usually gives very good results with plants that reach a medium size. Betting on the Royal Runtz will be a guarantee of success.

Other of the most resistant marijuana strains in 2021

In addition to the potency of Royal Runtz, there are other resistant marijuana strains that you should know about. Next, we discover the most demanded:

  • Royal Critical Automatic: it is one of the most popular strains and has won numerous awards in Spain. It is very resistant, easy and fast to grow and its harvests are very abundant. It has the best characteristics and genetics of Critical but also has ruderalis traits that allow it to be fast and autoflowering.
  • Amnesia Haze: created from the crossing of several hybrids, Amnesia Haze is one of the best strains of Royal Queen Seeds and is characterized by its resistant and robust genetics. In addition, it is capable of providing large crops thanks to its vigorous growth.
  • Royal Kush Automatic: it is an autoflowering variety, with an intense aroma and Kush genetics crossed with a ruderalis, one of the most resistant. It is an easy to grow, vigorous and productive plant.
  • Royal Dwarf: This is a top seller. It is a robust, easy and compact variety, perfect for indoor growing. Its Skunk genetic combination has given rise to this variety of bonsai type plant, between 40 and 60 cm tall, and with a short but resistant life cycle.
  • Honey Cream – has become a classic strain and has a huge following. Its genetics is a mix of hard indica with influences from all over the world. In addition to being very resistant, it is complex and very beautiful.
  • Diesel Automatic: with autoflowering genetics, a descendant of Lowryder # 2, we find this hybrid variety, which has a good cultivation performance and offers a very popular flavor and aroma among the original strains.
  • Easy bud: it is one of the easiest feminized autoflowering varieties to grow. Genetically, it is very similar to the Royal Drawf, but still faster, making it perfect for beginner production.
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