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The Easter cactus is one of the most beautiful that you can have at that time of year, being very similar to the so-called Christmas cactus but with important differences between them. It belongs to the Cactaceae family and the Hatiora genus, which is made up of 6 species of epiphytic cacti that originate in Brazil. With the right conditions it can be grown anywhere in the world.

Scientifically it is called Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri and it is a cactus with flat stems that become cylindrical as it ages. Its flowers are star-shaped and red or pink , and it blooms during spring. It is usually used as an indoor plant in hanging pots, and if the summer is very hot it can be kept outside but in a shady area. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to know everything about the care of the Easter cactus .

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Basic care

The basic care of this plant are:

  • Location : You need to be in a place that has semi-shade, and both full shade and direct sunlight harm you.
  • Temperature : the only thing you must bear in mind is that during winter it can never be below 10ºC, although the ideal is that it should be above 16ºC all year round.
  • Soil : the most suitable is a mixture of leaf mulch, peat and siliceous sand, all in equal parts. It is very important that the soil does not have lime since they would not support it.
  • Irrigation : it should be frequent between spring and autumn, reducing when winter arrives but without letting the cactus suffer drought at any time. Always water with lukewarm water that does not contain lime.
  • Fertilizer : apply a mineral fertilizer that is specific for cacti once a week, from when the first buds are seen until they finish flowering.
  • Pests and diseases : You can be attacked by the woolly mealybug and the spider mite if the humidity is low.
  • Multiplication : the best method is from cuttings of the segments put to root in peat, and it can also be done by seeds.

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