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Pollution in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderful ecological paradise, but it has more and more environmental problems that affect its wealth. Starting with the pollution of rivers with agrochemical products from industries, overexploitation of fisheries and marine resources, air pollution caused by carbon dioxide emissions, reduced reforestation and an uncontrolled property explosion are some of the most worrying problems. for Costa Rica. In this AgroCorrn article, we are going to address the problem of pollution in Costa Rica.

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The problem of pollution in Costa Rica

Despite the fact that Costa Rica maintains 25% of its protected territory, the country loses more biological resources every day, mainly due to climate change, pollution and lack of awareness.

The policy of “Peace with nature” has not been enough to stop the damaging impact on the environment of the country, which is in a situation of lack of information and appropriate controls by the institutions, something that aggravates the problem and makes it difficult to find solutions.

Recently, contamination of water supply systems has also been detected, due to the excessive use of pesticides. Air quality has also been affected by the reduction of the dry forest of the North Pacific coast, especially by the expansion of the tourist industry, which has speculatively raised the value of Costa Rican land.

Costa Rica is less and less green and nobody seems to do anything to prevent it …

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