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Manufacture of jeans: how much do they pollute the environment?

At AgroCorrn we know that there are many everyday things that harm the environment and that, in turn, are difficult to detect. Therefore, on this occasion, we want to explain in a very simple and visual way with this infographic an analysis of the process behind your jeans, jeans or jeans , that garment that has been a key piece in all wardrobes for many decades. .

Undoubtedly, the textile or fashion industry, as well as denim in particular, is one of the industries that pollutes the most . What is denim exactly? This is the English name for the fabric known as denim or denim, that is, it is the cotton fabric after being processed to result in the one used to make jeans.

Learn much more about the denim industry and its impact on the environment with this simple infographic from ShopAlike on what jeans are like and how much they pollute the planet , as well as what you can do to improve this situation. Do you dare to join sustainable fashion and collaborate to reduce this great negative impact on the environment?

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Know how much your jeans cost the planet

Imagen: ShopAlike

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