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Citarum, the most polluted river in the world

The Citarum River, located west of the island of Java in Indonesia, is considered the dirtiest in the world, the level of pollution is alarming. Unfortunately it is completely full of garbage because all the factories in the area dump their waste uncontrollably into the river and the villagers do the same with organic waste .

It has become the largest garbage dump in Indonesia, its cleaning is practically impossible, the fish have died and the level of putrefaction is becoming worrying.

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Where is the Citarum river

The Citarum is a river in the West Java region, Indonesia. It plays an important role in the life of the island of Java due to its use as a means of transport, irrigation and spring, despite being considered the most polluted river on the planet , because it is used as a landfill for waste produced by factories and household waste and also by the daily activity of the inhabitants. In December 2008, the Asian Development Bank approved aid amounting to 500 million dollars to clean it up.

Navigate a landfill

Under all the garbage that is seen in the photograph, although it may not seem like it, there is a river. The Citarum River as it passes through Jakarta, which today has the sad honor of being the most polluted river in the world.

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