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How to take care of the forests

Caring for forests is a concept that can refer both to government policies that preserve the forest mass and to praiseworthy citizen initiatives (from civic gestures to volunteering) or business that help prevent them from deteriorating. In politics, great things are not always achieved actively, but also passively. An example is the application of green regulations that support renewable energies or that do the opposite and, as another option, that support sustainable resources or penalize industrial production that does not use them. Another example would be urbanization or the protection of places, without forgetting the construction or not of roads that cross forests, an artificial barrier that favors their deterioration, Either because of the constant abuses of animals and because it constitutes a separating element that breaks the balance of the habitat, fragmenting it and causing problems in the health of the ecosystem. Or, without going any further, dedicating part of the public budget to reforestation or investing in the prevention of forest fires would also be two sides of the same coin. If you want to know more, keep reading this AgroCorrn article in which we tell youhow to take care of the forests .

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A green attitude

But what can we do to take care of the forests? In addition to the minimum civic behaviors of not littering them with garbage or smoking or having barbecues or bonfires when we visit them, we can act in a more active way promoting their development. Participating in reforestation , especially in areas that have been devastated by fire, is one of the things that will help save desertified areas . But not only that, because we can also do a lot for forests by being responsible consumers.

Use recycled paper , print on both sides of the page, do not be consumers, do not buy tropical or illegal animals and always be informed of what products threaten the planet’s green ecosystems to find sustainable alternatives (clothing, detergents, cosmetics, furniture, packaging and packaging, etc.) and thus take action. And, above all, let’s have a respectful, ecological attitude and teach the people around us to take care of nature in general. Let us not forget that forests are a complex habitat, of great biological richness, so their care must always be done globally, going beyond their plant part.

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