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When growing any plant, tree or shrub, you also have to pay close attention to the diseases that may appear since the crop could be lost . Today we would like to focus on creepers, which are one of the best options to decorate any environment and make it become a very decorative point.

Keep reading this AgroCorrn article and take note of the most common vine diseases .

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  1. Botritis
  2. Root rot
  3. Powdery mildew
  4. Mildew
  5. Roya


It is a very common fungus that produces brown spots and gray mold on leaves, flowers, or buds. It can cause death in young plants by rotting the base of the stems.

It appears especially when the temperatures are very mild, there is a lot of humidity and poor ventilation .

Root rot

It is caused by fungi that can rot the roots , and the first symptom is that the leaves are wilting, yellowing, and then turning brown.

This disease causes the plant to die as the roots suffocate. It appears especially when there is excess water in the roots .

Powdery mildew

The main symptom is the appearance of a white or light gray powder on the leaves, and if it progresses, these spots will coalesce and the attacked parts dry up and then fall off.

It appears especially when spring is very humid and there are mild temperatures, and it disappears in summer if it is more than 35ºC .


It is one of the most common fungi both in vines and in the garden or any other garden crop, and it is characterized by causing light green spots on the upper part of the leaves, which turn yellow and, finally, brown.

A white fluff appears on the underside of the leaves, causing them to dry out and fall off in just a few days.


It is another disease caused by fungi, and in this case you will detect it by appearing red or orange bumps on the leaves and stems.

The leaves that are affected dry and fall, and it appears especially when there is excess humidity , prolonged rains or very mild temperatures. It occurs especially in early spring and during the fall.

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