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Green merchandising: the best sustainable promotional gifts

Reduce, recycle, reuse. The three “Rs” are the basis of organic merchandising, a new trend that allows companies to be more sustainable and ecological when it comes to positioning their brand and products. Sustainable merchandising has become the center of the corporate gift revolution, which allows us to become more aware of caring for the environment. Do you want to know more about this trend?

Next, in AgroCorrn, we explain what ecological merchandising is and what are the best sustainable promotional gifts that will allow you to make a 100% committed, green and ecological advertising.

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What is organic merchandising

Green merchandising has become the latest eco trend for companies. This type of marketing not only allows to improve the presence and positioning of the brand and product, but it does so in a sustainable, green and 100% environmentally committed way. In this way, companies participate in raising public awareness about the risks of using materials that damage the ecosystem, such as plastics, and opt for disposable materials , which can be recycled, in order to offer their ecological promotional gifts .

The main objective of sustainable merchandising is to fulfill the three Rs of sustainability: reduce, recycle and reuse . That is, by betting on sustainable promotional gifts, it is possible to reduce the amount of non-disposable materials, it is possible to recycle the materials used and all of them can be reused.

In short, thanks to ecological merchandising not only is it possible to take care of the environment, but also the ethical, sustainable and ecological commitment on the part of the company is achieved, so that the values ​​and awareness of this social problem can be transmitted to through eco trends.

Best Green Promotional Gifts

There is no doubt that eco trends will help advertising investment to grow in 2021 , but that it will do so in a different way: committed to the values ​​of ecology and sustainability, through merchandising. But what are the advantages of green promotional gifts? In addition to being respectful with the environment, they offer a good image of the company and arouse the interest of its potential customers and, in addition, allow it to achieve the sustainable objectives that are seen on the horizon at a global level.

How to introduce safe organic merchandising in your company? Through ecological corporate gifts. To make these products that are part of the merchandising campaign, you must use recycled materials , which implies a reduction in waste.

To prepare your ecological corporate gifts, you can bet on a wide range of recyclable materials and raw materials from responsible farming, which will vary depending on what type of object you are going to manufacture. The most common are cork, bamboo, cotton or organic plastic. These are some customizable eco gift ideas with the company logo or your corporate colors:

  • Eco-friendly cloth bags and backpacks . In addition to being an innovative option, they are reusable, as they are usually created through natural bamboo fiber or organic cotton.
  • Ecological notebooks . They represent a useful gift and can be a sustainable product if created with environmentally friendly materials.
  • Ecological bottles . It is becoming more and more fashionable to carry your own water bottle or coffee thermos wherever you are. They are reusable and must be created with natural materials.
  • Eco-friendly USB . It is a perfect eco technological option to work with. They can be made from bamboo, cork or wheat cane.

Bet on organic merchandising! Through promotional gifts, you will be able to connect with your potential customers, in a different, original, sustainable and ecological way.

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