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The best wooden and cork wristwatches

Being sustainable and ecological is not fashion, it is necessary. It is very important that we contribute to taking care of the environment during our day to day. If you are thinking of making an original gift, with style and made with natural materials, wooden and cork wristwatches are a perfect option.

Next, in AgroCorrn, we talk about the best wooden and cork wristwatches , precision machinery designed by Japanese minds. Discover them!

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  1. Wood and cork watches: the latest fashion
  2. Cork and wood watches: the most ecological material
  3. Reasons to buy a wood and cork watch

Wood and cork watches: the latest fashion

Being original, different and showing your own style is the order of the day and sustainable fashion too. The latest trend in watches aims to collect all these characteristics to provide its customers with unique accessories. Cork by Nature is 100% committed to sustainability. For this reason, it has developed accessories that are not sold anywhere: wooden wrist watches. These Japanese machines have excellent precision and the straps of these original watches are made with cork by the artisans of Cork by Nature.

The Cork by Nature wood and cork watches are the flagship of the collection, a product of our own design that will surprise watch lovers.

Cork and wood watches: the most ecological material

Both wood and cork are two grateful products if you work to make accessories, above all, because using them is being respectful with the environment , something that is not only a trend, but is also necessary.

The watch industry is constantly evolving. Their reinvention and their desire to adapt the laws of the market to new trends and environmental values ​​has led them not only to improve the functionality of the watch, but also to make it one of the most essential complements and accessories for anyone, being a sample of character and style.

Wood and cork are materials that combine perfectly. First, because they are light and, second, because applied to the structure of the watch, they make it a stylish and original accessory that brings out your personal style.

Most of these watches are made from bamboo wood , a fast growing product. Likewise, the sustainability of the watch happens because this wood has not been treated by any chemical agent during the watch’s production process. On the other hand, the strap is made of a 100% sustainable material such as cork, so opting for these watches is to contribute your bit to sustainable development .

Far from being made with any product of animal origin, wood and cork watches are perfect for anyone with any conviction, such as vegetarians or vegans, since they are designed for anyone who believes in ecology and respect for the environment.

Reasons to buy a wood and cork watch

The reasons that can lead you to acquire the best wooden and cork wristwatches are many and varied. We show them to you, below:


Wooden clocks are unique and customizable. Being handcrafted, you will not find two alike in the market. Each one will have its own color, pattern or grain, depending on the wood used. If you want to break with the usual patterns and add your own style to such a unique accessory, the wooden clock is designed for you.

Lightness and comfort

Cork and wood are very light materials, so the watch will not weigh at all. This adds style to comfort. Thanks to such a subtle and light product, you will be able to carry out any activity or movement during your day to day. It is easy to put on, but it is easier to carry. You won’t notice you’re wearing it!

Modern and current

The wooden watch is the latest trend in terms of trends, fashion and style. It is a novel accessory that will not leave anyone indifferent. Stylists, bloggers and designers already carry this product that mixes the past, the present and the future, thanks to its vintage touch and its novel and original structure.

Different models and styles

Wooden watches give your look a casual touch within an elegant style. There is a great variety of models and styles, which give you the opportunity to respect and highlight your own style.

Fair price

In addition to its originality, lightness, comfort and adaptation to all tastes, the wooden clock can be bought at a fair price. The wooden watches are priced according to what is offered and adapted to the material used and the craftsmanship. It is worth investing some money in a sustainable and environmentally friendly supplement.

Now that you know some of the best wooden and cork wristwatches , you may also be interested in Cork by Nature wood sunglasses , it’s time to take care of the planet!

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