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Outdoor gyms that generate energy

The idea is simple (and not new), but it is still great. Take care of the body, doing sports, while generating energy. The British company The Great Outdoor Gym Company is putting it into practice. These are free, open-air gyms that harness the power of people to create electricity.

With this system, when people use one of the gym machines, their energy expenditure is converted into electricity. The equation is simple: the more people do sports, the more electricity will be generated.

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Depending on the part of the system used, between 50 and 400 watts of electricity can be generated . Currently, this electricity generated by the user is used to illuminate the gym at night, bright LED lights, how could it be otherwise. In this way, the gym hours can be extended and more energy generated. Ecological reinvestment.

But in the future, the goal of The Great Outdoor Gym Company is to generate enough electricity so that it can be used in nearby buildings or even to power the national grid.

On the other hand, this ecological gym serves to educate the population on energy saving. Each gymnastic apparatus incorporates an indicator that shows in real time the amount of human energy that is being generated with physical exercise. Thus, athletes know how much electricity they are producing. A device is also included so that the user, if desired, is weighed and measured to know their body mass index.

The first human energy gym, dubbed The Green Heart, has been installed in Hull, England. The company wants to open 100 gyms in the UK a year for the next five years. Some two and a half million people will be able to generate renewable energy while improving their physical condition.

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