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Create practical containers with plastic bottles

It is no coincidence that the reuse of plastic bottles is a classic of creative recycling. Well thought out, they have it all, from allowing endless possibilities for infinite uses to being an object that is practically always at hand.

In this post we are going to focus on recycling plastic bottles to turn them into small containers. Piggy banks, purses, I put-all trays, little sewing boxes, mini cases or improvised miniature greenhouses, let’s say.

Depending on the type of project we decide to do, a color , type and shape of bottle will be more or less convenient . In the market we find them of very different types and their use is so daily that in the worst case we will have to wait to obtain the necessary raw material. We bet the wait will be short …

Once we have the raw material , getting the result can be a matter of a few minutes. It is one of the advantages of these small-large projects. They are easy to do, fast, practical and very attractive. Can you ask for more?

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  1. Save small objects
  2. Pencils and gift boxes
  3. Funny piggy banks
  4. Also in the garden

Save small objects

As you can see in the image that opens the post, zipper purses made from the base of a plastic bottle are great. They admit all kinds of decorations and if we want to avoid showing the interior, we only have to choose an opaque or colored plastic .

It will also work to customize them by drawing , sewing and gluing buttons or the like so that their interior goes more unnoticed. Doing so, yes, requires an almost precious pampering. A lot of imagination and patience will make a difference.

The transparent ones have the advantage, for their part, of allowing you to see inside without having to open them. We will save time and the zipper will last us much longer. Let’s choose the most convenient depending on the number of purses that we are going to make and their use.

The objective is to join two bases of the bottles with a zipper. Likewise, it admits the use of any other container that seems appropriate for size and aesthetics. In this case, they have been joined using a needle and thread. Without further complications.

The trick is to use a thread of the same color so that it does not stand out, and if we prefer we can use strong glue, and even then sew it to obtain greater resistance when using them as purses or to store things.

If we make the containers a little higher following the same procedure, we can use them as a chest in which to store pieces of construction toys , such as Lego, toys. Placing the zipper is optional. If we do not have to carry the container back and forth or use it often, the zipper is not necessary.

We will have capsules made up of two half bottles embedded one in the other. Ready to store in a closet or on a shelf. In this case, being transparent can be very convenient.

On the other hand, thanks to the flame of a candle we can turn the base of a plastic bottle into a beautiful tray to put coins, keys, watch, rings or other personal objects or simply use it to decorate. In the image above we have the incredible result.

Pencils and gift boxes

Cutting out the bottle and turning it into a pencil can seem like a not too graceful idea. However, a little touch can change everything. How about adding a piece of fabric placed as a border? The result will be very different, and we can recycle scraps that we have at home very easily.

If the bottle is especially pretty or just unusual, like the red base in the image above, we have big plans for it. Let’s cut it a little higher than what we would do for a purse and we will already have the most important part of an original gift wrapping.

Let’s complete it with a transparent wrapping like the one in the photo, either translucent or with recycled wrapping paper, and tie it with a nice bow. If we want to surprise, this is an infallible way. Stylish, ecological and without spending a penny.

Funny piggy banks

Making a piggy bank for the little ones in the house will be very simple . To have a plastic bottle on hand is to have a piggy bank about to say here I am. Let’s imagine that the bottle is the body of a doll and let’s turn it into a nice container in which to save money, coin by coin, bill by bill.

We would be surprised to find out how much money can fit inside a plastic bottle. Sorry, rather, all the money that our favorite doll can keep us .

How is yours, does it have a pair of bulging eyes made with bottle caps, ears and tails of a pig, a kitten, a tiger? Or maybe it’s an elephant? It can also be a cookie monster who swallows coins, and swallows non-stop …

Also in the garden

Small containers are also very useful for gardening. Although turning plastic bottles into a pot is common, both individually and to make vertical gardens, we can find other uses for them.

The use of the base as a container serves as a hotbed to a thousand wonders . Both with lid and without lid, overlapping two bases. In this case, it will be an ideal mini-greenhouse to protect the shoots from the cold. Opening them during the day and closing them at night will help the plants to thrive during the winter.

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