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How to make a gym in the patio, garden or terrace

We all like to look good and fit, so exercising is the only way to achieve it, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet where balanced food without fat will be very important. But there is not always enough time to go to the gym, or perhaps the place where you live may be too far from the gym in your area. So what to do in these cases?

If you want to stay in shape and would like to exercise, the best way is to do it at home. But of course, not all homes have enough space to achieve this, but if you have a patio, a garden or a terrace, you will have already gained a lot in terms of space to use. In AgroCorrn, we are going to give you some ideas to make a gym outside your home.

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Choose the site

The first thing you will have to do is choose the right place outside your home, since if you want to put machines you will not be able to do it without having a covered place because of the weather (wind, rain, etc.). It could cause your exercise machines to deteriorate too much to the point of making them useless and covering them with plastic on rainy days is not the solution because in addition to not protecting them at all, you would not have the possibility to exercise these days.

Here are some ideas so you can choose the right place for your gym in the patio, garden or terrace:

  • You can build a shed or a small shed made of wood or the material that is most comfortable for you to be able to create a space for your gym outside your home. Inside the house, everything should be well arranged so that you can play sports comfortably.
  • You can use a pergola that is protected to put your gym inside it. In other words, if you want to choose an awning or a pergola, you will have to make sure that it is strong enough so that it can adequately protect your machines. One way that your pergola can do this protection function is that it has resistant fabrics or plastics so that on rainy days you can put them and fulfill two functions: protect your machines and protect you on cold or rainy days that you want to practice sports in your garden, terrace or patio.

It has everything you need

Another fundamental aspect to have your gym well finished in your garden, terrace or patio is to be able to incorporate into it all the necessary machines or tools that you will need to be able to exercise on a daily basis. It is not necessary that you spend a lot of money or that it be a huge gym and less if you have little space.

It is convenient that you know exactly what exercises you want to do daily outside your home to be able to combine them. For example, if you have enough space to run in your garden or outside your home, a treadmill will not be necessary, if you have stairs at home that you can use to exercise your calves, you will not need a machine for this purpose, and so on.

Some ideas to buy machines to install in your gym in the garden:

  • High-quality, flexible abdominal bench.
  • One or two sets of dumbbells as you get stronger you can buy heavier, but don’t go big to start with.
  • A stability ball. These large balls are suitable for abdominal work.
  • Elastic band for exercise. It is great for outdoor spaces to exercise arms and legs.
  • If you like cardio, you can buy a machine to do this type of exercise.

And you would have your gym ready in your garden, patio or terrace! Would you lack something else?

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