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Endangered animals in Africa

Pollution and habitat destruction are the main reasons why many species are currently in danger of extinction around the world. In the case of the African continent, to these causes must also be added another such as hunting, both legal and poaching, which is behind the decline in the populations of some of the most important animal species in the entire continent and the planet. If you want to know some of the endangered animals in Africa and know what we can do to solve it, keep reading AgroCorrn and we will show you.

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  1. Mammal animals in danger of extinction in Africa
  2. African reptiles in danger of extinction
  3. What can we do to protect endangered species in Africa?

Mammal animals in danger of extinction in Africa

Of all the animals that we can find in danger of extinction in Africa , without a doubt, the longest part of the list is the one occupied by mammals. This is because they are large animal species, which means that, after centuries of hunting and persecution, their populations have been savagely depleted. Furthermore, although many of these animals are protected today, poaching still remains one of the most dangerous threats they face.

White rhino

Despite its name, it is a grayish or pale rhinoceros that occupies the southern part of Africa and some Central African regions located in southern Sudan. It is an animal that has been hunted as a hunter’s trophy for centuries. In addition, we must add the high value that has been paid for their horns, which, according to some superstitions, were attributed magical healing powers.

African elephant

This animal has the privilege of being the largest living land animal. It differs from the Asian elephant in that it is larger and has larger ears and tusks. Precisely, hunters have persecuted them for centuries for their tusks, which, once they are plucked from the elephant’s carcass, are traded as ivory, a very expensive material and, today, illegal unless they are pieces before most of the current legislation on artistic heritage. However, despite this, there is still a black market that trades in elephant tusks and is the main threat facing these magnificent animals.

Wild donkey

Although it is not one of the best known animals like many other animals that live in the African savanna , it is one of the most threatened. In fact, it is a critically endangered species, since the number of specimens is very small and its reproduction is complicated. Currently, it can only be found in a small region of Ethiopia and Eritrea, east of the African continent.

Pygmy hippo

It is a species of hippopotamus found in the regions near the Gulf of Guinea. However, although its habitat was quite large, currently, the number of specimens does not exceed 3,000, which makes it classified as an endangered species.


This feline holds the record for being the fastest land animal in existence. Its distribution can be found both in regions of Africa and in some areas of the Asian continent. However, due to hunting and habitat destruction, the cheetah is currently listed as a threatened species.


There are four different species of chimpanzees and all four are threatened. The main cause of this situation is due to the destruction of their habitat, the jungle, which is burned to become farmland. The last populations are found in both central Africa and the westernmost part of the Gulf of Guinea.


In this case, we find a species that is threatened by the same causes as chimpanzees, since they share many of their spaces, as well as the threats they face. Currently, gorillas can only be found in the wild in some regions of central Africa, especially in the Congo area.


This is the animal that has recently been added to this sad list. The reason is that in 30 years its population has decreased by more than 40% and experts, seeing that its tendency for years is for the population to decrease more, have classified it as an endangered species. Learn more in this other AgroCorrn article about Why the giraffe is in danger of extinction .

African reptiles in danger of extinction

Despite the fact that mammals are the most numerous animals when it comes to occupying the lists of endangered animals , there are several cases of other types of animals, for example as is the case of reptiles, which also share this sad situation . These are some of the reptiles that are in danger of extinction in Africa :

Blind snake

It is a reptile that can be found in different places on the planet, including the African continent. However, it is one of the reptiles that is in danger of extinction, although it is classified as in a situation of lesser danger.

El Hierro giant lizard

This reptile is native to the Isla del Hierro (Canary Islands), so although politically it is Spain and therefore Europe, its habitat is on the African continent as these islands are at the height of Morocco and Western Sahara. This species is critically endangered due to persecution over the centuries. Currently, protection programs are expected to help secure the future of the species.

Leatherback turtle

This sea turtle is found in tropical seas around the world, including the African coasts near the Gulf of Guinea and the southern coasts of the continent. It is one of the most threatened reptiles, since, despite its protection, its hunting continues to be carried out in certain regions of the planet due to the demand for its shell and meat in some Asian countries.

What can we do to protect endangered species in Africa?

The actions necessary to protect the animals in danger of extinction in Africa must come from two spheres, one political and the other citizen. In the case of political aspects, it is essential that governments and supranational bodies take concrete measures that prohibit and prosecute the hunting and trade of this type of animal. Likewise, it is also essential that protection programs are carried out that promote the conservation of the habitats of threatened species, as well as programs aimed at promoting their reproduction, as well as awareness and education programs on the matter.

On the other hand, ordinary citizens can protect these species by exerting pressure on the different administrations to carry out the aforementioned measures, as well as collaborating with entities that carry out this process.

In addition, another of the most important aspects that should not be overlooked is to adapt our consumption to products that guarantee that, for their manufacture, the habitat of these species has not been destroyed. We can achieve this by consuming local and environmentally friendly products, avoiding the consumption of products that have been made with raw materials of dubious origin. A good example is found in wood or palm oil, which are two of the products obtained from the destruction of African forests and other places, which affects some of these species, such as, for example, the case of chimpanzees.

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