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The Sumatran elephant is in danger of extinction

Some of the large, endangered mammals live (survive) on Sumatra. This is the case of the Sumatran elephant. Why precisely there? Sumatra is an island in Southeast Asia that belongs to Indonesia and suffers from a high level of deforestation. Therefore, the animals are running out of place to live. They are literally running out of space because they are surrounded by the sea and the jungle disappears. In this AgroCorrn article, we explain why the Sumatran elephant is in danger of extinction.

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The Sumatran elephant one step away from total extinction

Therefore, the conflict between humans and Sumatran elephants (as well as other species at risk of extinction) is territorial: there is no room for everyone. Not, at least, if man keeps expanding and cutting down trees. Little by little, the elephants are losing the battle and are getting closer and closer to total extinction.

It is a very different case from Africa. Indonesians, in general, do not kill elephants for their ivory or meat, but attack them to protect their crops or leave them without a place to live because they deforest large areas of land. The result is disappointing: the reduction in elephant habitat has meant that Sumatra’s elephant population has declined by 80% since 1930 , according to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In Riau province, for example, where elephants were abundant in the 1980s, the population dropped from 1,342 in 1984 to 201 in 2007.

Crops for palm oil and paper

The Sumatran elephant lives in the lowlands, not in the mountains, and it is precisely in the lowlands that humans prefer to grow their food. The jungle disappears, agriculture expands, and the Sumatran elephant has nowhere to go.

But what is really harmful is not the small crops of the natives to survive, but the large logging companies that cut down hundreds of hectares of forest to produce palm oil and cellulose.

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