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How to save endangered animals

The destruction of habitats, the overexploitation of natural resources, the increase in invasive species, the fearsome global warming, poor water quality or environmental pollution are some of the main threats against defenseless animals.

Ecosystems are losing balance, we are currently facing a massive extinction of species, a great threat to biodiversity. Everything seems to negatively affect animals that are in serious danger of extinction. But in AgroCorrn we give you the keys on how to save animals in danger .

  1. Change habits
  2. Climate change
  3. Water

Change habits

We, as consumers, can modify our daily habits to save the future of the variety of living beings that populate the planet, including the human species. Measures to protect the environment are not only in the hands of governments, but also of each one of us.

Awareness is essential to understand the problem. As citizens of the world, biodiversity can seem like something beyond our control. However, the air we breathe, the water and the food we eat daily would not be possible without the variety and abundance of species. Caring for biodiversity allows species to survive, but it is also important to ensure that human beings have a future on the planet.

No one without the help of their environment can change things. They are the sum of small efforts on a global scale can have an important effect in solving the problems that lie ahead. We can start by making a rational consumption of the products and requesting the sustainable origin of the products or the species to be purchased. It is always better to eat fresh, seasonal, and locally produced produce than transported, packaged, and frozen foods.

Climate change

In the face of climate change, consumers can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cycling, walking or choosing to go by public transport. If you need the car, you can share it with other people and drive efficiently.

At home the goal is to reduce energy consumption both to save money and to protect the natural environment. Promote the use of renewable energy systems , the use of low consumption light bulbs, do not abuse air conditioning or air conditioning, buy appliances with an energy efficiency label and turn off any electrical system that is not used.


Water is another scarce resource that we do not value enough, since it directly affects the conservation of biodiversity.

Consumers should use it responsibly : a shower uses less water than a bath, improve the use of rainwater. Do not water the garden lawn when it is not necessary and reduce the use of herbicides and pesticides. Do not lose hope, you can help save animals in danger, including the human species.

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