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The endangered pink dolphins

The life of dolphins pink of the Amazon is threatened by fishermen who kill them for their meat as bait. About 1,500 dolphins are killed each year in the western Amazon to support a lucrative catfish trade. During the last decade the population of these dolphins has decreased by seven percent annually.


Pink dolphins

These dolphins can measure 2.5 meters long and weigh almost the same as an adult male, they are the largest of four known species in South America and Asia. The cause of its pink color is probably due to the blood vessels being too close to your skin.

Killing dolphins is illegal in Brazil, if the authorities discover it, penalties are imposed with a year and a half in prison. But the application of the law is almost impossible because nobody detects it, the dolphins cannot defend themselves. Only five agents are tasked with protecting wildlife in a jungle region that covers western two-thirds of the state of Amazonas, which is more than twice the size of Spain. Obviously the lack of control is important.

The fishermen have facilities to catch about 500 kilos of the native catfish known as piracatinga per day . In two nights of work, they earn about 350 euros, roughly double the minimum monthly wage in Brazil. That is why nobody cares about having to kill dolphins if they later manage to put money in their pocket. There is no feeling of guilt.

All river dolphins are very vulnerable. The Chinese river dolphin practically no longer exists, and with the human populations that inhabit the banks of the Amazon River, it is feared that the Amazon river dolphin may follow the same path. Is anyone willing to save these animals? Dolphins don’t deserve this captivity.

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