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Endangered freshwater animals

The biodiversity that we can find in areas with fresh water is much more varied than that of other ecosystems , but it is disappearing at great speed . Many animals are about to disappear, species all over the world in danger of extinction. The big problems are the growth of the human population and the great industrial and agricultural impact . Fresh water is its natural habitat, it is an increasingly scarce resource, since this water is becoming contaminated. In addition, poor channeling of rivers prevents these species can live so ordinary .

Freshwater animals

But these problems are added to deforestation that causes sedimentation, the uncontrolled introduction of invasive species , global warming that causes the acidification of rivers and lakes, as well as the overexploitation of fishing resources. Despite the fact that these freshwater animals are fundamental to the environment, no one seems to realize that they are being killed.

This enormous biodiversity provides the human population with many important goods and services, such as the provision of agricultural food, clean water, regulation of disease, building materials, or regulation of floods and land erosion. If these freshwater species disappear, the losses will be large.

To solve the serious problem , more protected areas must be created, research on these unknown species should be increased so that they can be conserved , have a sustainable management of water resources and promote sustainable consumption in order to safeguard nature.

In fresh water, one of the most threatened species is the river dolphin , which is suffering especially from accidental fishing.

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