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Ecological awareness: what it is and its importance

It is common to think that the preservation and care of the environment depend on the actions of governments and large companies. And, although the actions of these have a strong implication, the truth is that the set of individual actions cause great impacts on some environmental issues such as recycling and climate change. These individual actions arise from ecological awareness, a way of worrying about what is happening with the environment.

On this occasion, from AgroCorrn we invite you to continue reading this article in which we will develop everything about what ecological awareness is and its importance and we will also provide some examples.

What is ecological awareness

We will start by understanding what ecological awareness is. This concept, sometimes also called environmental awareness , arises to encompass the concerns that people have regarding environmental problems . Fortunately, more and more people express their interests in preserving the environment and are informed about the problems related to it. For this reason, these people are considered to be ecologically conscious, which constitutes a first step to change those activities and lifestyles that lead to environmental degradation .

Likewise, ecological awareness can be distinguished in different environments , in particular maritime ecological awareness, it is one that is focused on sensitizing people with respect to the problems of pollution and degradation of seas and oceans.

In another vein, it is worth mentioning that the European Union has the strictest environmental standards in the world. The nations that are part of it established clear objectives orienting their policies to preserve the environment in the short and long term. In addition, they agreed on the principles of ecological awareness of the European Union that, in general terms, deal with the protection, conservation and improvement of ecosystems, soil conservation, respect for the landscape and the commitment to the consumption of local products.

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Examples of ecological awareness

Below we’ll develop some eco-conscious ideas and examples for you to incorporate into your daily life.

Start recycling

Recycling is a very simple activity that we can do from home. Start by sorting your waste into glass, metal, plastic, paper, and organic. Once you manage to separate each of them, you should find out about how each of them is arranged in the place where you live. Finally, try to give them their correct final disposition.


Luckily, the final disposal of our organic waste can be done from home. If you wonder how, the answer is very simple: compost. And the positive thing is that it is not necessary to have a large garden, today there are magnificent balcony composters. In this other post we tell you how to make homemade compost .

Reduces the consumption of non-reusable materials

When you classify your waste, you will notice the large amount of it that you generate per day. There is no need to worry, it happens to all of us! Therefore, once you become aware of the large volume of waste that is generated per day, it will be easier to choose those containers and materials that can be reused.

Choose bicycles as a means of transportation

Cars are undoubtedly a major source of air pollution. Fortunately, more and more municipalities provide bicycles as public transport, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to use them.

Eat local and seasonal foods

In this way, you will be favoring the economy of local producers and avoid the large carbon footprint caused by the consumption of food from other parts of the world and the need for refrigeration.

Do not promote the flora and fauna market

Often times, the plants that we have at home and even the exotic animals that we adopt as pets, have been removed from their habitats, putting the species in serious danger of extinction. Therefore, avoid this type of market and lean on native flora and domestic animals.

Pay attention to the use of water

We must remember that water is not an unlimited resource, so it is essential not to waste drinking water. Here you can read about Why water is a renewable but limited resource and here about How we can take care of water .

Importance of ecological awareness

Natural resources are the source of goods and services that sustain our life on planet Earth. Its conservation will ensure the existence of biodiversity and, obviously, our existence. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to generate ecological awareness, in principle to make visible and individualize the environmental problems that exist, then to take action on the matter and, finally, to change our way of relating to the environment and achieve sustainable development that ensures preservation of the environment.

By way of synthesis, there is a great phrase that shows the essence of ecological awareness: “Educate to know, know to care”. We cannot take care of what we do not know, for that reason, promoting ecological awareness will be very important when taking measures that promote the conservation of our environment.

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