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Why the jaguar is in danger of extinction

The species in danger of extinction are many and, in all cases, the hand of man has a fundamental role in this sad scourge. One of these cases is that of the jaguar, one of the most important felines in America and which, due to various causes that have affected it for decades, is now in danger of extinction. If you want to delve a little more into this problem and why the jaguar is in danger of extinction , despite the protection programs that are being carried out from different areas, keep reading AgroCorrn and we will tell you everything.

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  1. Jaguar characteristics
  2. The jaguar is near the danger of extinction
  3. Why the jaguar is in danger of extinction – the causes

Jaguar characteristics

The jaguar ( Panthera onca ) is a subfamily of the genus Panthera , so it is related to other species of big cats , such as the tiger or the lion. In fact, of the big cats, the jaguar is the third largest of all after just those mentioned. It is an animal that is characterized by a yellowish coat covered with dark spots, which is its most relevant identifying sign when it comes to distinguishing it from other felines.

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It is by far one of the most important carnivores in all of America, which is its natural habitat. In fact, currently we can find populations of jaguars from the south of the United States to the north of Argentina , the populations located in Central America and especially the Amazon jungle being especially important.

The jaguar is near the danger of extinction

When we speak of threatened or endangered species, we are referring to those species that become part of the Red List of Threatened Species or Red Book. This list was created in 1963 by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). This organization aims to ensure the conservation of biodiversity and the natural wealth of our planet and, with the elaboration of the Red List, it is intended to give the cry of alarm about species that are being especially damaged and that, if not to do something to reverse the situation, they will end up disappearing, becoming extinct species .

When it comes to including or not a species in this Red List, different criteria analyzed by the different experts working in the organization are taken into account. The main element that is taken into account is the number of specimens that are still alive, both in freedom and in captivity, as well as the possibilities of these specimens to be able to reproduce and guarantee that the species in question is perpetuated. Likewise, the Red List also includes different degrees of those species that they include. Specifically, there would be seven categories, where the least worrisome will be the one called species of “least concern” and the most serious would be the one that would include “extinct” species.

In this way, when we say that the jaguar is in danger of extinction , we are referring to that it is a species that has been included in the IUCN Red List . Specifically, currently, the jaguar would have the category of “near threatened species” . This means that although you are not critically endangered, your situation is considered so critical that it is expected to become so in the near future. In other words, jaguars are a species whose situation is deteriorating very quickly due to a series of phenomena that are destroying their current populations and that, furthermore, do not seem to be solved in a short period of time. term.

Why the jaguar is in danger of extinction – the causes

As we have already said, the natural habitat is established in the center and a good part of the south of the American continent, which includes the Amazon rainforest. In fact, currently, the main threat that is decimating jaguar populations is the deforestation of the Amazon , which is advancing by leaps and bounds to obtain new farmland (especially those destined for the cultivation of palm and soybeans). This accelerated destruction of its natural habitat makes it more difficult for the jaguar to hunt and reproduce, which in turn contributes to the jaguar populations being further damaged by the effect of deforestation in the Amazon.

However, it is true that, although the destruction of its habitat is the main threat facing the species, it is not the only one. The deforestation of the Amazon should include poaching, illegal trafficking of exotic animals and the traps of farmers , who persecute this animal since it constitutes a species that attacks livestock. In this way, despite the laws that have been implemented in some countries in order to protect it, the reality is that it is a species that is increasingly threatened and that, if we do not do something to remedy it, it is very It is likely that in the next few years it will be doomed to extinction.

Thus, we must collaborate in everything possible to reduce these damages, not only for jaguars but for many more species and the environment in general. For example, in this other article we tell you how to avoid poaching animals .

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